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A Hind D?

Also, although I miss Patrick, Jeff's headlines are fantastic.

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I hate to say it, but I had to pull the 2/14/11 NDX off of YouTube. It's got a sample of Papa Was A Rolling Stone in it?

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@sammo21: I think this argument has been had 5 times already in this thread, but it's not about a checkbox. Patrick's Tumblr.

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Or you could cover your mouth as you talk with it full. Don't have a conversation like that, but you can say a few words while you chew.

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Don't listen to the people telling you to just use a debit card. They don't do crap for your credit score and if your card gets stolen it's more of a hassle to get your money back. I would avoid getting anything that gives company specific rewards like the Sony card or the Amazon one. Also avoid annual fees for your first card...cancelling a card has a negative effect on your credit score, so if you get one with an annual fee you may be stuck with that stupid fee for a while for not much benefit. Look for cards that give bonus points on stuff you already buy (American Express has one that gives 2x points for buying groceries and Discover gives 5% on a rotating list places that changes quarterly or you can get one that gives more points/cash back on gas since most people always need that).

Just treat the credit card like a debit card (i.e. never spend more money than you have in the bank) and you'll be fine.

This. You need a credit card. Absolutely. Not having a card will mean you have no credit, which will impact everything from employment checks, renting an apartment, buying a car, house, etc. Debit cards, though they seem "safer", are not. They do not provide fraud protection, and they give a thief a direct line into your bank. They also do not build any credit at all. Get a no-fee card that aligns with your interests right now, set it up to pay off every month, and keep that for a few years. Once you have good credit and income, the credit card companies will fall over themselves to get you a better card.

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@ajamafalous: The Mega link is still active. There's no active podcast feed on the site, and the Wayback Machine can provide some of the original audio on Jeff's blog, but not all of them.

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I really wanted to go back to the Rick "The Ricker" episode, but alas, it didn't seem like there was a playable archive anywhere. So I took care of that.

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Rick "The Ricker". I don't know why.

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For the record, they still appear to be hosted here:

I'm going to put them on YouTube - it doesn't seem like they're completely available there.