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I used to not really care that much about quickscopers. I tried it a couple times in CoD4 and MW2 with very limited success.

However, last night I gave it a shot in MW3... holy cow it's way way easier. I'm concerned in the long term it'll just be stupid quickscoping sniper battles. Even hard scoping is much easier.

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Was there a limited amount of the hardened edition available for pre-order? I'm I screwed if I didn't get one already?

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That actually looks pretty badass.

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Were I to re-play this, and for it to really capture the magic of the first halo... They'll have to jack the graphics way way up. At LEAST to crysis level maxed out.  
But it's likely being made for 12 year olds that were too young at the time to play it. However, the awesomeness of the original halo will likely be lost on them. They're the same people that like the Star Wars prequels more...

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Blops does so many things better... but overall, worse.

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I wasn't specifically ripping on blops, i just went back and loved the purity of COD4. There's a reason that the next 3 COD games are all based on it... it really got it right. It's basically just a really good shooting game with most of the excess stuff from the last CODs missing. So enjoyable.
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So I popped in COD4 again. Man what a treat that game is. There's still thousands playing in on xbox live, so no problem finding games. The shooting just feels so good. And there's not crazy knife runners, danger close noob tubers, 7500 claymore campers... So so good. Feels so precise.

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There seems to be more verticalness to the maps. 3rd floor windows for instance, really high catwalks, underground basements...

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Another suggestion is learn where people tend to go (most people do the same things in the same spots). Think "When I go around this corner, where is the other guy most often?" For example, maps like Firing range have some spots near the bathroom (along that long side) where there's obvious cover at the corners, and guys are almost always there. Go around the corner and aim to those spots everytime, regardless of whether you think someone is there. It doubles as practice if there's nobody there to kill.

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@rhacer63: That and they don't have the pure clout to say "our game's not ready yet". Bungie basically created matchmaking for xbox live with Halo 2. Bungie also had the advantage of multiplayer betas. They definite put a ton of polish on the net code.