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I am boycotting this forum Topic

I am not boycotting Xbox one. I am thinking of buying one.

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I cant help but mention that it looks like the Wii U controller.

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Eeveryone should get in on the 50,000 Riders medal taking place in the alps if we reach 50,000 EA says they willl unlock Lvl 11 and tuns of lvl 11 gears

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#1,270 person to finish this set.
For the Mech 2ed part lets just say you get to Kinect..

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@schattenwolf86 said:
" @Oni: Trade in your used PC Game Today and get credit! "
Where have you been for the last few years gamestop stop accepting PC game trade in along time ago they only sell them New.
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Funny how the images for all he achievements look like achievements from a mass effect game

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a am #41 to finish 
I am happy first time i am below 100