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#2,375 to finish
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Fine by me if they can few games to get more workers on Battlefield 3. I want Battlefield 3 to be the best that it can be. I am hopeing for giant bomb 5 stars  and a gamespot 10 star editor's choice.

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I say this is going to fail just as bad as the recent Tony Hawk games.
Now  Activision stop spending all that money you got on Shitty game and make something worth my  60 70 Bucks.

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@JuggaloAcidman said:

"Is it just me or does Activision make some really awful games? Why Blizzard got in bed with Activision is beyond me... COD is there only quality product... And even then... Black Ops... Not my favorite that's for sure. "

Both activision and blizzard are working togeather b/c they both like the idea of making there users pay extra ontop on the 60 to 100 $$$ they pay to get there games.

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you hit 1,000 call me when you hit 10,000

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looks like the 360 is trying out there own version's of Wii games.

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I need 3 more comments on this image 

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