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@shockd: Is the sea clean in Bulgaria?

The Black Sea is one of the dirtiest seas on Earth because of it's position. Now, it's still totally ok to bathe, you just need to know the right beaches. What's a plus is that it's much less salty than the other seas so you don't get sore eyes after swimming. And you? Which city do you hail from?

Oh dude! I just realized I didn't say where I'm from! I suck :)! Well, I'm from the capital of Croatia, Zagreb! There is no sea here, but the sea is pretty awesome in Croatia. Also, is it true that Bulgaria has nice beaches? Because ours suuuuck.

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@shockd: Is the sea clean in Bulgaria?

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@shockd: Awesome.Never been to Bulgaria, but I'm currently planning to visit a cousin in Sofia. If it sucks I'll blame you :D!

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LOL, what's with the Sprint hate? 0%, really?

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Toronto....well technically Etobicoke but who wants to say they live there ugh. But originally from Richmond Hill (Oak Ridges). Oh for non-Canadians in the big spiky tower thing.

That is quite confusing

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If money isnt a problem, why not both?

He said he'll do both:


I would say start with the PC 'cause it's always better to wait for (good) games to come out for the console. Also it'll be cheaper, so there.

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@nivash: Just for that bullshit first sentence I want to hate you, but you're right. I wish I could say that I'm safe in the EU, but a) My country is still 3 months from accession, b) we're a NATO member and c) it would be the end of the world as we know it, know it

Also,most of you seem to be forgetting that Japan couldn't use its army to do anything other than defence, and it has been like that for the past 68 years. Also, asshole correct tried to correct defence to defense. Asswipe.

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who cares if you're popular on here?

Popularity leads to intimacy...

Oh, well then the key to becoming more popular is to be more knowledgeable.

So, study.

Also be from Europe. It helped me. I have um...2 followers :)!

You people really love me right?Guys?

(Ooh and not knowing proper English helps! Trast mee)