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2014's Worst Trend: Games broken at launch. Calling it now.

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Just as a reminder, Bomb Squad on Aerie Peak is still going strong. Any members can invite to the guild. I'm on pretty much every evening lately, so you can /who Rhaenyse and probably catch me pretty easily.

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As it stands right now, calling this the "New 3DS" is maybe the dumbest move Nintendo has ever pulled. Did they learn a single goddamned thing from the WiiU debacle? Joe Consumer walking into Walmart isn't gonna have one sweet fucking clue what this nonsense is all about. This is a marketing disaster waiting to happen.

So what do they do then? I think the idea is fundamentally flawed. They're making a system that is only sliiightly more powerful with only a smidge of new features. On it's own, it's not enough of an upgrade to justify being it's own generation of hardware, so you're gonna leave people feeling cheated if you make it out to be a new platform. It's very similar to the Gameboy vs Gameboy Color, but that had the advantage of a very clear and obvious distinction between the two. Going back to Joe Consumer, what does a "better CPU" mean to him?

This is less than a half-step, and one almost destined to die on the shelf. The smarter, better move would have been to wait until the "next gen" handheld was ready. Keep the 3D gimmick if you really want, make it backwards compatible with the 3DS for sure. But this, this is just dumb. What is even going on at Nintendo these days...

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@jets1256: We actually have the guild going on Dan's server (Aerie Peak), Bomb Squad. It's not very big, but it hasn't really be advertised much either I suppose.

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I'm a WoW veteran back to the launch of vanilla, but only really got deep into the endgame with Wrath. I eventually ended up running one of the top raid guilds on our server, but man, that was literally a full time job. We were raiding on average six to eight hours a day, every day. Eventually the guild tore itself to pieces, and I've stayed well clear of endgame content since. I play very casually now, but I still have something around 20,000 hours across thirty or so characters.

So to answer the question, I've never really left, not for long anyway. Sometimes I won't play for weeks or months, but it's nice to have the option to just jump in whenever. I did create a new character on Dan's server, in the hopes that we can get into some community stuff at some point.

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Excellently put, Patrick. I can understand the backlash here, I'm definitely not a defender of Facebook. However, I think this is the best possible thing that could happen for VR, if not necessarily for Oculus. While the Rift has been making major waves and impressing people non-stop, it still hasn't penetrated the mainstream. With this purchase, Oculus is guaranteed to get an actual consumer product out the door. It might be heavily compromised by their new moneybag overlords, but it will become an actual thing regular people can buy. This is the best shot to create a viable market for this type of technology.

Basically, either the Rift comes out and is amazingly successful, or it's a commercial failure but still establishes VR as a legit platform so others can pick up the torch. Devoid of emotional investment, either outcome is great for the future of VR. The fatal third option is this is all just a fad that'll be dead on arrival like motion controllers or 3D TVs, in which case this acquisition would make no difference either way. So yeah, Facebook is evil, whatever. At the end of the day, this is still good news.

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I loved the movie as a kid, but I fully realize it was just because I was a Nintendo obsessed kid. It was the kind of thing where my dad knew he could throw it in, and I would rewind and watch the damn thing for hours on end.

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A giant lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. Ryan wasn't just an internet personality, he was a friend and more than that the father figure of the Giant Bomb family. Words cannot express the deep sorrow I share.

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@korwin: I was thinking more generic law trouble. Could be an issue with permits.