Favorite Games of All Time, 8bit to 32/64bit era.

I'll be picking and poking at this over the next while, and it's not in any particular order, unless otherwise mentioned. As it turns out, I have a hard time placing games from these last two generations on this list, so this is more of a history lesson. These aren't necessarily the best games ever made, these are my personal favorites across the years.

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Posted by Astras

Awesome list, you have allround great taste in my opinion.
UFO was awesome, It's still probibly one of my most played games on my PC. Soul blade was amazing for it's time also, the music and crazy fighting and Cervantes made it for me.
Yep the Blizzard titles have some great nostalgia, Warcraft 2 even though I only had it on the PS2 was pretty fantastic. 
loved Sim 200 and transport tycoon although TC I always felt my empire during late game started falling apart and really had to try and grind to get it back on track!
With all the RPG tactics style mechanics you have up there... FF tactics, Shining force, UFO, etc... I find it hard to believe you didn't play Vandal Hearts... or have you just forgotten about?

Posted by kerikxi
@Astras: Friend of mine got really into Vandal Hearts, but I never played much of it myself. I ended up missing a lot of Playstation titles because I got very absorbed into the ones I played, like FFT and the Monster Ranchers.
Posted by MormonWarrior

I didn't even know Robo Pit existed until last week's Bombcast.

Posted by DeF

Interesting to see Robotrek this high up. I haven't played it but I have always wanted to since it's a Quintet game (the guys behind the Soul Blazer Trilogy [or Quadrilogy] and the customization sounded intriguing. What I've heard about it though was mostly negative or lukewarm in terms of praise. It's refreshing to find it in your Top 10 even!
Makes me wanna go eBay hunting right now :D

Posted by JackiJinx

Glad to see some Robotrek love!

Posted by MormonWarrior

You might want to get that deep soul itch checked out. It could be dangerous.

Posted by Viking_Funeral

I like your taste in games, sir.