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Duke Nukem 3D had a excellent shotgun that resulted in an alien gurgling sound as if their larynx and lungs had been obliterated.

Also, Killing Floor's shotguns paired with the highest Support Perk level was so satisfying with its penetration capabilities. Just imagine the world renowned sound of Red Orchestra guns accompanied by the sight of a line of 6 zeds crumpling one in front of the other. It's glorious.

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I heard a Polish publication scored the exclusive rights to the first scored review. That review comes out on Wednesday. I heard a bunch of places haven't seen hide nor hair of any review copies. I'd temper expectations accordingly.

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Come one guys, this was explained. Soda Popinski's is a bar in San Francisco with an NES and collection and will give a bottle of champagne to whoever beats Tyson. Dan brought it up in one of his early Bombcasts. Though hearing the horrors he's inflicted upon innocent whiskey I'm terrified by what Dan Ryckert would do with a bottle of champagne.

I used to like Soda Popinski's too. Stupid Dan.

No, no, no. This isn't about some champagne. The Tyson fight is a personal demon for Dan. Prior to these Stress Test videos Dan probably felt taunted upon hearing how many people in the Game Informer offices had beaten Tyson. I think that Dan also tried and failed to beat Tyson during a Game Informer Extra Life marathon while his boss, Andy McNamara, sat beside him and quipped about Dan's lack of skill.

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In all fairness you can't mash it out. I tried doing this in training and I couldn't. Didn't work with the turbo button either. Seems to require very specific timing or maybe they have special fight sticks with adjustable turbo. At any rate Omega is still broken.

Have you tried lp->lk, mash lk? It seems to be a magic series lk, instead of a normal.

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Truly, a magnificent King of the Everglades!

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@ezekiel said:

I thought you meant I can keep it forever. I don't care about free weekends. I don't want to be pressured to download and play a game.

PAYDAY The Heist (the first game) is free to add to your library for a 24 hour period. You add it to your library and it's yours to keep. PAYDAY 2 (the second game) coincidentally has a free weekend starting today.

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@spoonman671: That's not the case if you have an actual gaming PC. I can play most any game at >60fps at maxed graphics. Most sit around 90FPS, some can get to 120.

On console though, this is definitely the case.

Do you realize that the only reason your hardware is able to reach those framerates is because the developer chose not to fully utilize the power of your hardware? They sacrificed what it could have looked like on your hardware so that it could run on weaker hardware. The CPU and GPU cycles those games used to get the 61st frame all the way up to the 120th frame in a second could have instead be put to use into displaying more polygons, more shaders, and more effects on screen. If the developers had designed a game to run on your hardware at 30 fps, they would be able to output even more.

Bottom line: your high-end hardware experience is compromised so that budget hardware can still run the game.

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Here are a couple of their GameInformer profiles to get to know them a bit better:

Dan Ryckert

Jason Oestreicher

Dan Ryckert

[...] Favorite Games:Metal Gear Solid, Zelda: Link to the Past, God of War, Street Fighter IV, Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, Twisted Metal 2, Soul Calibur, Infamous, Mortal Kombat, SMW2: Yoshi`s Island, Mike Tyson`s Punch-Out, Mega Man, Uncharted 2, Red Dead Redemption


Good. Goooood....

When Dan mysteriously vanishes one day I'm not saying Jeff will be responsible but Jeff will probably be responsible.

I don't know; I think Jeff "Yoshi" Gerstman will eventually come around to the Light Side.

Dan Ryckert is an avid Waluigi sympathizer.

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What the hell happened to the title of this thread?

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