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No, I co-op freely on my first playthrough. I know for certain that I will go through the game another time or three, so there is plenty of opportunity to do a solo run.

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Just got started, only a few bosses in.

PSN name: Kerned
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Souls chops: most of Demon's, several playthroughs of Dark (Platinum'd), more into co-op than PVP.

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The fall damage issue has me paralyzed in places, afraid to drop down to explore where in DS1 I wouldn't be nearly as hesitant. It's the only change (so far at least) that I don't like at all.

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I just learned about this thread. I'll happily add anyone. I'm Kerned on PSN.

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The premium version lacks ads, which are actually entertaining and worth listening to.

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The square-circle-cross-triangle buttons are a little small, but they haven't given me any problems. The shoulder buttons are fine and the D-pad is great. I agree with @yadilie though, the select and start buttons are terrible. They are not only tiny, but they are recessed for some inexplicable reason, and that makes it hard to press them. Thankfully, you don't need to very often. I have no problem with the home button because it's a bit larger.

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My wife and I live in Lansing, and both wanted to go, but unfortunately it was just a little too late and a little too far. I'd be down for a future meet up though, for sure.

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Speaking as a 37 year old, let me just say how insane it is to imagine being the CEO of a major company in 2 years. That's just incredibly young for a position of that sort.

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I definitely thought it was a joke. I actually think the idea of a non-3D 3DS is a good one, but man is that thing ugly. Also, the name is terrible. It's the sort of name that should have been brought up in the first round of marketing meetings and then immediately dismissed.

Some variant of this will be said, repeatedly, this holiday season: "I bought my grandson this 2DS, but I can't find any games to go with it. There are lots of 3DS games, but he doesn't have that one..."

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Was that the appealing part about every handheld before these ones? No

True statement. Welcome to 2013.