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Good Point. What brought this to my attention was Casey hudson, Creative lead of mass effect. He both has a twitter account and a website. I think adding a twitter is appropriate but obviously it might be a lot harder then it sounds on the back end

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I don't know if this is the best place to put this but I think it would be great if we could add peoples twitter accounts to their "general information" I like following Developers but it's not always easy to track down who's on it and who isn't. Having a link in their general information would help a lot. Just an idea anyway

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Just wondering what's everyone's favourite F1 game and if you've played the new one how does it compare. I haven't played the new one yet but my favourite of all time is F1 97 by bizarre creations. It came out on the PS1 and is still more then playable today.

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Played Bioshock 2... Ok game but wasn't good enough... story felt tacked on rather then a natural evolution of the rapture world and defending the little sisters became a little repetitive. SHOULD NOT have been made in the manner it was. I wanted a Bioshock sequel but this felt like a new studio trying to get its first game out the door and a Publiusher trying to make a buck very short sighted. And sales figures seem to agree with me.

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who cares... it's PSP

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Oh know, you bad mouthed Kayne and Lynch. Does that mean you're going to get fired again

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When Fallout actually happens for real, I hope i get Captain americas powers. What powers would you like from the GAMME rays
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HAHAH read the tweet when he posted it. I had a feeling it would turn into a story. its on 1up now aswell

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Will this work in europe too. Is it the same voltage thing

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I know how to upload photos but how do i set the main portrait of a PERSON or game to something else

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