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I'm excited about this! Not excited enough to take a half day off work like I did with Forza 4, but excited nonetheless. Count me in for Tuesday night!

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So this is why I wasn't in attendance at race night last night . . .

Ford GT
More Skylines than Gran Turismo 5 :)
Interceptor Murcielago
A very nice RX-7
Scions have underglow!
GTR, F360, R8
Another GTR
Plymouth Scamp
And last but not least, a chrome wrapped Chrysler Crossfire!

A gathering like this happens about 30 minutes from me every Thursday night! It's insane.

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@slowbird: Heh, I would consider it if it was under $10

Sorry I haven't been taking part lately, summer for me means car meets with the Genesis Club, including an enormous 500+ tuner car meet every Thursday (

Unless it's raining, I probably won't be joining up this week either.

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Boo, I leave early one week and don't show up another week, and stop paying attention to this thread (due to adventures in meatspace) and miss the start of the super series. And now I'm too lazy to figure out all the crazy rules and make a car.

I'll try to show up this week . . . although I may just show up late or spectate the super series.

And now for pictures of said adventures in meatspace with my car club:

Mine is the one with the wing badge on the grille - yes I have heard the "nice Aston Martin" comments . . .
New tail lights :)
Genesis traffic jam?
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@SushiX said:

Sad day for the auto industry - RIP Carroll Shelby

Shelby event next week in his honor?

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My list of unloved cars:








De Tomaso







Land Rover















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@PsEG said:

I said something about how my estimation on who won the championship would be totally wrong, didn't I?

Keval and Slowbird tied at 58 points each. Therefore, we go into NASCAR tiebreakers. The first tiebreaker is number of wins, and Keval and Slowbird are still equal with one win each. The next tiebreaker is number of second place finishes. Keval had two, Slowbird had one.

Keval wins the Pintona 500. I could post the results in here, but I continue to dislike how these forums handle tables, so instead I'll direct you to this simplistic spreadsheet on Google Docs.

Wow, crazy! I'll try to post my unloved list up later. I'm sure it's pretty huge.

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So Microsoft sorted everything out with my account. They credited the credit card charge back and refunded the existing points that were spent (or so the email says). Not seeing the changes yet in billing, but maybe it just takes time.

They also gave me a month extension of my live membership.

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This just in!

Someone hacked my Xbox Live account! They bought a bunch of EA Sports DLC with my existing 1600 or so points then bought 2000 points and bought a bunch of other crap. That kind of gave it away though because I got an email about the points being purchased.

Microsoft is investigating. Might also have to change my gamertag because apparently you're not supposed to have any part of your real name in it. My account is just blocked from buying stuff right now so I should be able to join on Thursday.

If any of you received weird random messages or something from me, now you know why!

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Yea, I don't know why more companies don't do this. Great way to market to auto enthusiasts.

On another Hyundai related note someone brought a classic Rolls Royce to the Genesis Coupe winter meet I attended last week (my car in the foreground):