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It's remarkable how quick people are to criticize Firewatch for not resolving Delilah's conversation that you overhear near the beginning of the game, considering that the story is clearly trying to tell a mystery story, and by definition mysteries need red herrings. Are we going to criticize Raymond Chandler stories for leaving loose ends now? Are we going to criticize The Big Sleep because we never find out who killed the limo driver, or why? Are we going to criticize The Big Lebowski because the Larry Sellers storyline goes nowhere? Or because it turns out Bunny was never kidnapped?

Criticizing a mystery story for its red herrings is like criticizing a maze for its dead ends. If there were no dead ends, it wouldn't be a maze.

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@richardquarisa: Then you should listen to our podcast, because so do we!

Though I'm not sure you should watch Sabotage, it's pretty bad.

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I recently watched the 2014 Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Sabotage (for my dumb Arnold Schwarzenegger podcast that my friend and I do, if you'll forgive the shameless plug), which is a terrible, terrible movie. But I really felt like there was a great movie buried beneath it. Given the well-documented interference Sabotage went through, where the studio forced David Ayer shoot a whole new ending as well as change the identity of the killer, I would really love to see a director's cut of Sabotage. But considering how (justifiably) reviled and/or how little people are even aware of the movie's existence, I doubt the director's cut will ever see the light of day, which is a shame.

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I'm 10 hours in, 282 +4. I got super stuck on the house with the colored lights, it took me way too long to figure out what was going on there. Otherwise this game's puzzles are so perfectly paced and constructed, some really impressive design going on in this game.

I think I'm in a spot where I can move on to the ending, but I have a few spots I'm stuck on that I'd like to complete first, specifically the puzzle chain outside the village that connects up to the solar panels, and the Egyptian tomb thing or whatever it is. Absolutely clueless on what to do in those two spots.

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@csl316 said:

Hard to believe it's already here, but I'm so glad a mix of people are enjoying it. Figured a long-ass puzzle game would be more divisive than this.

Don't venture on the steam forums is all i have to say.

I mean, that statement applies to pretty much every situation.

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"What?! It can't beeeee! Met'l Geeeearrrrrrr!"

I'm with you OP, I always thought he sounded ridiculous.

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Feel pretty good about that one.

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I don't care about nationality in games personally, that said one of the reasons I love GTA IV is because how amazingly they built New York City, being from there myself. The little details are incredible, there's no way someone who isn't from there can really get how much they nailed it (I'm sure the same can be said about people not from LA in GTA V).

Chicago in Watch Dogs, on the other hand...

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He's pretty much exactly at the point in the game where I stopped playing. If he gets past Blighttown without trying to imagine some way to snap a digital copy of a video game in half, then he's a better man than me.