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Why does the rest of the country have this weird disdain for the midwest? Genuine question. I'm from Michigan and totally don't get it.

Like whenever Scott Bromly talks about visiting Michigan on The Comedy Button and he's like deeply offended that people visit Applebee's, we have 4 seasons, or that someone had the audacity to be fat near him. If that's the rest of the country then fuck the rest of the country.

Everybody is just jealous that we have all the fresh water.

And that a good percentage of that water goes into making delicious beers.

I'm not even joking when I say that the primary factor that keeps me living near the great lakes is the fact that basically every political thinktank in the world seems to believe that we're only a few decades away from fighting wars over water instead of oil. I for one welcome the day when wars are fought over water, and the great lakes region rules the world. Welcome to the new Saudi Arabia, bitches! Where the water barons all have bratwurst breath and wear nothing but Zubaz!

(As long as Canada doesn't fuck with us, that is. This is our water, jerks!)

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I can already hear the Kickstarter cynicism train pulling into the station.

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Ugh. Not breaking an embargo equals being "on the take"? Give me a break with this stuff.

At least it wasn't an indie game by a woman, I suppose. The press would be ripping into anyone daring to criticize it then...

I don't understand why this part is necessary.

Actually it's about something something...

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I thought the title might suggest that they are going to explore the Iron Islands storyline from a Feast for Crows. That storyline isn't being filmed for the show, so it wouldn't conflict.

Aw, seriously? Those were literally the only parts of that book I liked.

So I'm really never going to see Euron or Victarion appear on HBO? I'm super bummed about this.

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The Last Express has a 20 minute sonata that you can just sit and listen to in its entirety if you want to, actually I'm kind of shocked that the entire thing isn't somewhere on YouTube. This is the best I could find:

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@agentboolen: Wow, does WWE Network really have all the old Saturday Night Main Events? Jesus, I might have to sign up for that thing if that's the case.

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I only watched wrestling from Wrestlemania VI thru Wrestlemania IX (which would've turned just about anybody off of wrestling for good), but man, the one PPV I still get excited about when I think back was the 1992 Royal Rumble where the WWF title was on the line. Granted, I was 12 at the time, but I don't think I'd ever enjoyed anything more in my life than that PPV. No clue if it holds up though.

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Surely you're aware of the irony of the fact that you believed your thoughts were so valuable that you created your own thread for this rant instead of posting it in the already existing thread... just as Ubisoft feels its games are valuable enough to create its own storefront rather than selling its games on Steam.

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TIE Fighter.

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I like that it's a complete sentence.