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I am not much of a Metal Gear Solid fan (played the second and fourth and didn't finish either), but this duo may bring the perfect opportunity to see what these games are really about without having to play them. Pretty excited for this!

Oof, you played the wrong two Metal Gear Solid games. I don't care what Jeff says, one and three are where it's at.

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Breaking News: lore in popular long-running video game series is poorly thought out and makes no sense, more on this unprecedented turn of events as it unfolds...

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Personally I think Casey Hudson was overrated. And I am curious to see what he does next but no one should deny the fact that he did screw up the ending to Mass Effect 3.

I deny it. That original ending was rad. And while I get why people might not have liked it, yo that was years ago now, maybe it's time to move on with all our lives.

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Here is the TV show I was talking about.


Okay, now I'm refusing to acknowledge this stuff's existence. Holy shit.

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Whoa, wait, I'm sorry... There's more than one Starship Troopers movie? There was a goddamn TV series?

I'm not even joking, this isn't like a tongue-in-cheek "I refuse to acknowledge their existence" kind of thing, this is literally the first I've heard of it, and I love Starship Troopers. Were they straight to video or something?

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The thing that people around here might know Glu for is acquiring GameSpy two years ago and subsequently responsible for the unilateral shutdown of the service. But really that's not the bulk of what makes Glu worth looking at. It's their history, their size, and particularly their global spread just looking at the jobs page.

That and out of curiosity I looked at the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood subforum. It's mostly a lot of people asking for help about how to progress or get around an apparent bug. Still, I think after Patrick's fascinating article about the game itself, it might be worth digging in further yourselves for your own benefit.

That jobs page is actually painting a pretty negative picture about that company..

This "global spread" you are seeing, it's actually them recruiting cheap creative talent from India, China and Russia (the actual grunt force of developing), while ignoring talent in their own country (the US). Only their "leads" and "managers" are getting recruited from the US or Canada. Kinda like "white supremacy" as an business model..

To put it into one sentence: That company is basically an "freemium sweatshop", they do not only exploit their potential customers, by building freemium Skinner boxes, they are also outsourcing all the actual work to cheaper countries instead of giving the young talent from their own country a chance.

Companies like these are the reason why the US economy is actually struggling, they reap in huge profits while not actually offering any meaningful employment.

It's the same situation in many civilized western countries, most young creative talent is stuck not getting a job, as companies rather recruit people from developing countries that can do the same work at the fraction of the costs, due to cheaper costs of living in these countries.

Globalization, ain't it a cool thing?

Pretty hilarious of you to literally accuse this company of white supremacy (knowing nothing of the ethnic makeup of their workforce on either continent), while simultaneously insisting that job opportunities should be the exclusive right of "civilized western countries". Also implicit in your statement is the notion that Asian countries aren't civilized countries...

The internet, ain't it a cool thing?

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@heavyplay: Well I'm not going to claim that WC4 is as good as TIE Fighter, but it's definitely a better game than WC3 in my opinion, both in terms of the gameplay and in terms of the quality of the FMV. And it's up on GOG for only a slightly higher price than free.

I'd say wait for EA to throw that game up on Origin for free also, but I bet that won't happen due to WC4's 20 year history of being criminally ignored...

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It's the least EA could do after sullying the Origin name...

Wing Commander III is a great game, and you can't beat that price. But it's still inferior to the far-less-appreciated Wing Commander IV, which got a bit lost in the shuffle of a post-Doom post-FMV world. Such a tragedy, Wing Commander III still gets all the love but Wing Commander IV is really where it's at.... Ah well, even though I still have my CDs of both games around somewhere, what the hell, free game here I come.

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Being semi-serious for a second, I'm pretty sure T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas is his species, not his formal name. His name is Yoshi the green Yoshisaur.

Characters refer to him as Yoshi and he is marked as Yoshi because that's his name. On Yoshi's Island, there are Yoshisaur Munchakoopas like Yoshi.

So wait? T. would be short for "the" then?

i.e. Yoshi The Yoshiaur Munchakoopas ?

Exactly. Yoshi the Yoshisaur Munchakoopas.

Isn't that a little like someone naming their child Human the Human Being?

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T for Tiberius maybe?

It's obviously "Tyrannofungus" or some bullshit like that.