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Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes was a thing.... :(

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Will send you an invite. I'm KevinCilantro on Origin, also looking for a Dead Space 3 PC co-op buddy.

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I've played through single player 100 times as Issac. Now I want to do a co-op run playing as Carver. Anybody up for it? Any difficulty is fine with me.

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@bisonhero said:

But really, regardless of difficulty, the worst thing is when you send a guy forward, and it turns out that like 3 enemy squads were all in the same area. And then on the enemy turn, a 4th squad stumbles across your battle.

Yeah, that's what I meant. I specifically meant after the Alien Base. That in itself isn't that hard or different than what came before, in my opinion. I usually nanny saved because I didn't like losing anybody, but the first time I attacked a shot-down either supply barge or abductor (don't recall at the moment), I stormed the cargo bay only to discover there were literally like 20 aliens standing in the back room, mutons, cyberdiscs, sectopod, etc.

The first encounter with the Etheral was hard, too, I thought.

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Holy shit.

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I got this game when it came out, and played up to the alien base mission before I put it down because the bugs were killing me (bugs as in glitches in the game, not the Chryssalids - zing). Now, I'm back and started a new game to play through the DLC. Both times, I thought I had a pretty badass XCOM team, but boy, once you attack that alien base, the aliens stop playing around and this game gets tough.

For some reason, I like the game more now. I like that halfway through it challenges your established strategy.

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Some people are teenagers without jobs who will bitch about anything costing money. The people who complain about the hats on Steam costing money are the same people who think any and all DLC is bad if it isn't free.

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I'm a big MGS fan ever since the first one, and I'm not ragging on the game for this, but something has bothered me since 1998. How Snake was supposed to get the hostages out? For a "solo sneaking mission" where the guy was inserted by submarine, it doesn't seem like there's easy way to get the hostages out. And having a bureaucrat and a fat guy follow Snake around would probably give him away. Was there a throwaway Codec line somewhere that explained this?

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Glad I know Brad was mistaken, but then remembered this game has universal ammo which made me go UGH.