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^^^^ "Tim Shaffer"? Sounds like a porno name. 

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I love Vinny, but he is all wet about The Thing. That movie is a classic. Scary, suspenseful, well written, well acted, well paced. Yeah, it has some early 80s practical effects business but everything else was amazing about it. Besides, even though some of the monsters are janky as hell, the stuff they do is creepy. The chest opening up, scary! The tentacles coming out of the dog, scary! The head scurrying away still gives me chills and the blood testing scene is a classic. Carpenter's magnum opus in my opinion, though I understand why some might say it's Halloween and Escape from NY also has a place in my heart.
I haven't watched the 2011 The Thing yet but I have not heard good things about it, so am not really interested.

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The old Sierra On-Line Space Quest games. Yeah, I know, I'm alone in that. 
I liked science fiction like Star Wars and Star Trek, which certainly have lighter moments, but aren't comedic like Space Quest. I also liked the Police Quest games which are also from Sierra and had some funny moments, but were much more like police procedural simulators. 
I went into Space Quest thinking it was a serious space man game, but was totally turned off by the 'hilarious' janitor in space bit and all the other bits. Never really got  into them this day.

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I am a grown-ass man who buys myself things when I want them. But, my parents like to get me Christmas presents, so I gave them a list of random games for Christmas 2010, this was on it, and they bought it for me. I am primarily a FPS/RPG player on the computer, but I do have an Xbox 360. Alan Wake has sat unopened next to my Xbox 360 for over a year. Should I bother playing it, or not? Is it worth a playthrough? It looks like a survival horror game, but I hear it's more shooter-ish? So kinda like Gears of War? Or maybe Resident Evil 4+5? I played Deadly Premonition because of GB's endurance run of it (call me york, everybody calls me that), so how does it compare to that?

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@Metal_Mills said:

I once had a dream about a heavily tanned Mexican Ryan David with a mustache.

Who's Ryan David?

Anyway. I dream a lot and almost every night. I had a dream where I was hanging out with Ryan Davis and we were just chilling playing video games and Jeff showed up and I was excited to meet him, but he was like not interested in me. :(

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I think it's great that the Sierra school of adventure games are getting featured on the site. I was a Sierra kid instead of a LucasArts kid back in the days and really enjoyed that Sierra conversation that popped up on the Bombcast way back when Brad talked about reading the Wikipedia article for Sierra and Roberta Williams.

Same. Sierra games were always played in my house. Police Quest was always my favorite. I liked it better than King's or Space Quest, but it is the most underrated of the old Sierra games.

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That last E3 episode was awful.
I didn't watch the uStream, but from the audio stream, at one point it seemed to just devolve into a party with multiple conversations. The last 30 minutes or so were much better.
Regarding Leigh Alexander - I want to like her, I really do. I work in technology journalism myself and I know how mean people can get - but she was totally drunk and obnoxious. I agree - she can't pull the "I'm a serious business journalist" card then yell "Fuck Boston!" The $775 million comment made her look absolutely stupid, too. Living in the Midwest, she offended me when she said "fly-over state", but whatever, a lot of people say that so I guess I can't get pissed.
Paul Barnett is really great. Like him a lot. What is it with Brits in gaming? John Davison, Gary Whitta, Barnett, they're all awesome.

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Some of the textures look very PS2, to be honest. 
Controls aside, I think the look of the game would fit in well with those "not quite next gen" games like Madden NFL 06 and the original Just Cause. 

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A month or so ago, I wanted to get Yakuza 3. People on various forums were saying that their local GameStops weren't stocking it, so I ordered it online without even checking. 
Yesterday, I walk into GameStop at lunch expecting to get Deadly Premonitions. They DON'T have it, but have Yakuza 3. WTF.