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Is it true that if you reload your guns in this game with some ammo "still left in the clip" (as it were) that you lose that ammo still in there?

I know he said that, but DS1 and 2 weren't like that, so I find it baffling they would go to something like that for the third one.

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Thanks for the interesting read, and for what it's worth, thanks for serving our country. 

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Funny you should mention that. I pre-ordered Dead Space 3 for PC on Origin weeks ago. Today I got a message telling me I could pre-load the game before next Tuesday starting today. I think I've gotten a few popup messages like that on Steam too. 
Kind of the same thing, I guess, but maybe not as polite as the old Nintendo ones. With publishers having such a new business emphasis on pre-orders and getting pre-orders and incentivizing pre-orders for new games, you'd think they would do something nice to thank people who actually, you know, pre-ordered the game.

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@krummi: Totally feel what you're saying about the Legion hit squads. They are totally unbalanced and can be brutal for low-level characters. It must have been intentional, because Caesar is supposed to be some badass emperor type who can have people killed by snapping his fingers. 
JE Sawyer is on formspring and has answered a lot of questions about FO:NV development and design decisions. I wonder if anybody asked him why the hitsquads are so frickin' hard.
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You're kind of a dick, because they are available via means like Virtual Console. But that would require buying a Wii and also spending money. I guess it's easier to just google "NES emulator". Also, this is Generation Y we're talking about here, so we're all entitled to everything that ever existed ever for free.

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@Cincaid said:

Playstation Blog just posted this teaser, which reveals the date 20/2. (I just realized you yanks might not understand the date: it's February 20th)

No, none of us Americans have never ever seen the date written with the month second and we were sitting here utterly confused until you enlightened us.
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@Korolev said:

If you were in America, there's nothing they could do against you. I don't know about Canada, however. I know that Canadian law is closer to English law, and in England, you actually could get in trouble for "badmouthing" a company under England's legendarily screwed up defamation laws. I'd study up on the subject. If Canada does not share the UK's famously stupid defamation laws, then leave the video up. If Canada is like the UK, take it down pronto otherwise you're in for a costly and annoying legal fight.

He called the company a "scam" in the title of his video, which implies they're actively deceiving and defrauding customers. Access Games doesn't sound like a scam to me. It sounds like a service that this guy has enjoyed for awhile, you pay them money, they send you games in the mail and then send them back. They've had a disagreement over what happened to a to-be-returned game that turned into a billing/customer service issue. There are millions of legitimate disagreements like this between legitimate customers and legitimate businesses every day.

Nobody will defend the right to free speech more than me, but he took it a step far when he called them a "scam". This isn't an identity thief or a Nigerian email scam or a Ponzi scheme. Access Games sounds like a legit company they have a right not to be accused of something they're not in the public eye.

I agree with the advice previously given in this thread, post a new video, state the complaints with just the facts without all the hyperbole and drama.

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@CrunchyPickles said:

@BaconGames said:

Ben Kuchera can write effectively on a topic (even if I often disagree with his opinions) and it seems like Kain can too, so that's an arbitrary red herring thing to latch onto. Both articles of Kain's I've read come off as poopy just because that's not the argument I would make and I'm not going to find more of his work to read (aka I disagree with his views and am moving on). Ben's usefulness is his sometimes novel and well written approach to topics and mostly that he acts as an effective filter for cool shit on the internet. He's also not above copping to a mistake (like when he posted that Walking Dead non-trailer) but I guess this time he felt the need to take a stand. Ultimately I can't see how it was worth it, especially since this the internet and people can harp on the evidence left behind.

Either way, Kuchera was the aggressor here and indeed comes off as a dick. However, I've read too much of his stuff here and there to outright dismiss him and stop reading, but I'm still kind of bummed and it does somewhat make me want to read his actual editorials less. Is it a smear campaign? Eh it's shit talking on twitter, and unfortunate that who seems like a professional and good writer resorted to that. He should know that twitter of all places is not the place to talk shit and have it become a discussion.

From what I can tell Kain wasn't necessarily above criticism but looking at the situation purely from a tactical perspective, Kain playing the better man gives him the upper hand here.

Kain wasn't above criticism, and he agrees with that notion. He said multiple times that yeah, he made a mistake. But he owned up to it, apologized, and attached a question at the end of the article regarding copyright laws on abandoned projects and the legal grey area therein (he attached the question for reader involvement, but apparently reader involvement is a bad thing?). But that wasn't good enough for Kuchera. He kept going on and shit-talking Kain late into the night, even being as petty as to change his twitter avatar to the "deal w/ it" sunglasses dog.

The whole thing is just fucking sad. It shows that gaming journalism is just as immature and undeveloped as the games industry itself. People like Kuchera are everywhere in gaming journalism, which is unfortunate because their attitudes do nothing but take away their own legitimacy. This has been building up for a while now I think. It seems like every other day now we see journalists saying stupid shit like "gamer entitlement" and "stop complaining about his hair you loser haters," and it's just not a good situation overall.

If there's anything to be learned from this it's that gaming journalism needs more people with Kain's level of professionalism and level-headedness and less manchild-encouraging behavior from the people that are already in the industry.

I disagree with your assessment. Gamer entitlement is a real thing. Why do you feel that games journalists should ignore what is a very real phenomenon in the industry they cover?

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@FancySoapsMan said:

don't companies usually make the customer liable in case a package is lost by the mail?

the cease and desist letter is crazy though.

Netflix never received two or three DVDs back from me (lost in the mail or whatever) and I just said I sent them and they never showed up and they didn't give a fuck.

Game Access is probably raging for the same reason GameFly has bitched here in the 'States. Netflix deals in DVDs that are $20 when new (increasingly less, as they often have special deals with movie studios which is why you see those weird grey "rental edition" DVDs from Netflix with no special features). These game rental services are dealing with games that are $60 when new (and game publishers probably don't want to make any deals with these companies - they say fuck them, let the customers buy them new from GameStop). So, it wouldn't surprise me if Game Access is raging over a lost disk while Netflix is like whatevs.

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@Mezmero said:

Kitties are sooooooo cute! Meowowowowowowow. I can't get over the subservient nature of canines.

That's what's good about dogs. When you come home, they act like they haven't seen you in 50 years and they're glad to see you.

Cats are like "Oh, you're back. Cool bro. Mind putting some Whiskas in the food dish? Oh, by the way, I crapped up the litter box again. You might want to do something about that. Mmmkay, I'm going to sleep on the furnace vent for the rest of the night and ignore you until I need something."