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@planetary said:

Giant Bomb videos, since some post-CBS migration (I think the player changed a few months ago) have been hideously slow. Where possible, I just watch the lower quality YouTube videos at this point, sacrificing quality to simply watch the damn things at all.

Noticed the same thing. The video on the site got hella slow when they moved to CBSi. I wonder if they went from Amazon to some CDN owned by CBS. Either way, HD video (and sometimes "high" and "low" res video) is freaking slow on my 20mb/s connection. I can stream HD on Netflix and Hulu just fine. When I occasionally try to download video from GB, I only get a download speed of like 170kb/s, futhering my theory that something is wrong with whatever content delivery system their using.

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Some online retailers in Europe listing Dragonborn PC's release date as "January 16th or 18th".


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Far Cry 3. Never played it before, but started for the first time on Jan 1. Yeah, I guess it's pretty good. :D

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@Dragonborn said:

Nothing. Neither Dawnguard nor Herthfire or Dragonborn. But maybe the last, will come in this Month.

Well, no Dragonborn for PC today, so I'm sad face too.

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@oulzac said:

Has any of the DLC even been released for PS3 yet?

Just the first one, according to Wikipedia.

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I've had the same issues too for a while. I don't know if the problem is with Amazon or whatever CDN they're using, but video on this site is painfully slow.

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@Dragonborn said:

@KevinK said: that Microsoft's exclusivity deal is only 30 days for Dawnguard.

You are wrong. The Microsoft's excluivity deal was about the first two DLC's / expansions ( Dawnguard, Hearthfire ). This DLC ( Dragonborn ) isn't exclusive to any Microsoft console.

So the concusion of all this: The Bethesda policy sucks!

Even if that were true, it's possible Microsoft pulled out more money and signed Bethesda to some sort of extension on the deal.

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@Ghostiet: The Asari are a mono-sexual race of only "females". If you're waiting for a male Asari, you're going to be waiting awhile.

Come on, am I the only one who reads the codex around here? Do your required reading, guys!

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Tomorrow, it will be 1 month since Dragonborn was released for Xbox 360 and as a PC guy, I'm hoping we get a nice surprise from Bethesda and they release Dragonborn.

That is all.

I know Dawnguard came out longer than 1 month in between, but Hearthfire came out after 1 month, so this fella can hope that Microsoft's exclusivity deal is only 30 days for Dawnguard.

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@TheHT said:

Will Smith is full of shit.

That isn't even the best example of bad writing / voice acting from Deus Ex.

"JC, a bomb!"

"A bomb!"

Those who know will know what I'm talking about.