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UPlay is ass, but at least Ubi still sells their games on Steam, unlike EA and Origin.

Actually, EA only limits their good games to Origin. The ones they aren't too sure about they allow to be sold on Steam (ig: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning) which is a hilarious and public way to gauge EA's internal confidence in a title.

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I love all the anti-upper class rhetoric in this thread. It must be "Visit Giant Bomb" day on Reddit.

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@SomeDeliCook said:

Fallout New Vegas has an "Ultimate Edition" instead of a "GOTY Edition"

That's a shame, because Fallout: New Vegas was better than Fallout 3 and should of been somebody's GOTY.

BOOM! *drops mic*

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Hello? Anybody here? *waits for echo*

I'll create the first thread here. This is a great old adventure game. GOG started selling it recently and I just played through it. A fun FMV adventure game, vintage 1996, with a really serious and cool spy story. Some good acting too (although, one early scene - not too good). It even foreshadowed some of the "enhanced interrogation techniques"/waterboarding scandals that would later plague the CIA because you can solve one puzzle by torturing a suspect, and characters in the game basically argue about the legality of it.

I would love to see Vinny, Drew and Dave cover this one day as a Random PC Game. I think it'd be right in their wheelhouse.

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Yeah, exactly.

"The Hubble Space Telescope would have seen the Reapers, so Mass Effect is broken and stupid," is a pretty dumb reason to hate the game. At that point, you're just looking for a reason to hate something. Considering all the stories about NASA guys getting into Star Trek and Bablyon 5, if real astrophysicists can get into science fiction, so can you. Don't let your two undergraduate courses in physics keep you from enjoying Mass Effect.

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@fargofallout said:

I think saying an "overzealous fan" did this is sort of silly, because, really, does this game that is going to suck (let's be honest here) have any fans? How can someone be a fan of an unreleased game? What person in their right mind would be a "fan" of an Activision-published licensed zombie FPS? Because - let's face it - no game will receive more care, funding, and marketing than an Activision-published licensed zombie FPS that doesn't have anything to do with Call of Duty.

Plenty of people are fans of games that haven't come out yet. Excited for BioShock Infinite or Last of Us? Then you're a fan of an unreleased game. I'm purely using the term fan instead of "anticipator" or "anticipatee". Has in, someone who anticipates something.

Considering all the weird nonsense that has gone on with Resident Evil 1.5 over the years and people pretending to have copies of the game to the point of releasing fake screenshots and trailers, then I could definitely see somebody faking a TWD trailer. Hell, YouTube is full of fake trailers for Grand Theft Auto V and "Mass Effect 4" and "Halo 5".

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Now I feel kinda bad for snarking at it in the comments.

Don't be. This game will suck regardless.

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@KevinK: Sleeping Dogs is Chinese sounding? Hmm, if you say so.

No, it doesn't in reality, but I think it's meant to invoke something Chinese sounding to a Western audience.

Like "Double Dragon" or "Jade Empire" or "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon".

Get my drift?

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I do agree that Sleeping Dogs is a bad title for a game. It'a pretty typical vapid "Let's name something Chinese sounding" name that people from North America/Europe would come up with. I'm guessing the trademark for "Sleeping Dragons" was unavailable. I'm actually surprised in the time we live in where the name of everything has to be focus tested and marketing approved that Sleeping Dogs was actually the shipping name of the game.

But, despite my reservations about the name, "Sleepy Dogs" is just stupid. If RD or somebody exaggerates it and goes "SCHLEEPIEEE DAUWOUGS!" it's about 10 times worse. Like said, it's about as funny as typos and fart jokes. I know Giant Bomb likes irreverent, derisive humor ("Mass Effect? More like... Ass Defect!"), but the fact that Ryan Davis seems to have decided that Sleepy Dawgz is now the de facto name of Sleeping Dogs is awful.

And before somebody goes "Oh, who cares, derp derp, Ryan is awesome, lighten up bro", it is something that bugs me, but I'm not like actively pissed off about it. Besides, this is an internet message board. If I wasn't writing a textblock post about why Sleepy Dawgz is a horrible nickname, I'd be writing a textblock post about my favorite weapon in Fallout: New Vegas or something.

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@thabigred said:

@Winternet said:

It's a videogame, not a thesis on astrophysics.

Well the entire plot of the game is to try to give an answer to Fermi's Paradox, so no, it's not as simple as saying that.

Huh? How do you interpret Mass Effect as an "answer to Fermi's Paradox"?

First off, it's a space video game. It's certainly not trying to propose any answers to anything on that scale. It's a game where you fly around in a space ship and recruit aliens and shoot at things.

Secondly, I don't see how Fermi's Paradox has anything to do with Mass Effect. Humanity discovered aliens and galactic civilization 26 years before the first game. So, Fermi's Paradox is about as relavent to Mass Effect as the Flat Earth Theory is to us today.

The greater message, if you wanted to apply one to Mass Effect, and you'll find this out if you play Mass Effect 3 + Leviathan, is about organic vs. synthetic life. Can inorganic life be considered life? Is artificial intelligence real intelligence, or just software emulating intelligence? Can sufficiently advanced organic and synthetic life coexist without destroying or subverting one another?