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I personally want to stab Ryan wherever it would hurt him the most for introducing "sleepy dawgs" to the world. It is the most grating sewage I've ever heard spill out of someone's mouth aside from the sound of old people fucking.

Agree, 100%.

"Sleepy Dawgs" is so obnoxious. If that game was shit, I wouldn't care. But because it's really good, the silly name crap is totally too derisive.

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Dropping an unsuspecting "I'm going to miss Brad when he leaves." during a live stream chat is still one of my favorite pastimes About half the people go nuts because they think it's true and the other half goes nuts because they're sick of the "Brad's leaving" joke/meme/trolling.

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plus it'll calm down the rabid PC elitism thats running amok on giantbomb lately. its getting pretty gross guys.

As opposed to the "PC gaming is dead" bullshit that circulates everywhere 1-2 years after a new console generation comes out?

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I'm still enjoying this generation. I hope it doesn't come too soon.

Come too soon? This last console generation is the longest ever. We would of had new consoles two years ago if the economy hadn't crashed. Or a new Xbox last year if Microsoft hadn't released Kinect.

What are you in a rush for? There's still many great games coming out and expected to come out.

I'm primarily a PC gamer. I'm sick of all games being Unreal Engine 3 DirectX 9 games made for seven year old Xbox 360s with DVD drives. So, the sooner that new consoles come out the better.

But, I don't understand how anybody can think that next-gen is "rushed" when these consoles are old as hell. These consoles are doing things that they were never intended for. Far Cry 3, case in point.

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I'm still enjoying this generation. I hope it doesn't come too soon.

Come too soon? This last console generation is the longest ever. We would of had new consoles two years ago if the economy hadn't crashed. Or a new Xbox last year if Microsoft hadn't released Kinect.

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@KevinK: @yinstarrunner: I take the Krogan Empire idea as a joke and Eve looking at you saying "he dosnt mean it...he is just being annoying." In the way a wife would.

If that set you over the edge then jeez you both were realy not secure with Wrex and Krogans.

Its not wrong however its now right...its a choice.... and it simply shows how people have done the same story and came out with completely utterly different impressions which lead to different choices.

The same can be much said as with the end of the game. I chose Wrex to lead the Krogans and cured the genophage trusting Wrex to guide them, one man/being has changed the course of nations in the past.

I utterly trust Wrex.

The end of the game you choose Control,Synthesis or Destruction.

I chose control, I have been similar discussions with people over the ending. Many saying "Destruction is the only option!" with the very rational reason saying "You cant trust Shepard to not be corrupted by the Reapers or the change to AI, once he is this Hybrid you cannot guarantee he wont change."

What alot of people seem to have done it go for a guarantee. You are Guaranteed with the Genophage in place the Korgans wont be a problem, however the Krogans never become whole as a people and events continue as they have done and slowly dooming a race.

The Pros are good and the Cons are "acceptable"

I chose to cure the genophage leave the hands of the Korgans in Wrex's guidance to a better galaxy with Krogans a fair and justified people. With the great risk that dosnt happened even under Wrex and they just wipe out most of the not going to happen like that...but its a strong possibility, Id say if anything a war with the Krogans.

But the Pros if it goes well are huge! and the Cons if it goes wrong are Huge!

When at the end I took a gamble.

People chose destruction which annihilated the reapers and everyone is left to pick up the pieces with a high death toll and annihilation of ALL AI's. You are guaranteed that AI's like the Reapers or Geth who have been aggressors for hundreds of years. You guarantee they will never be hostile by eliminating them entirely and we all learn the lesson AI's must never be constructed or else they rise upon you.

I took control. I am not guaranteed the reapers will be docile I am not guaranteed the Geth will be in peace. I am not guaranteed Shepherd will be the perfect controller for the Reapers allowing them to rebuild in the galaxy in no time and accelerate the galaxy safely to a higher technology and a a truly peaceful galaxy. and I trusted Shepherd would do it.

The Pro's are if it goes right insurmountable! the Cons if it goes wrong. are.....insurmountable!

I took chances and gambles, people took certainties. I didn't take gambles simply for the sake I took a educated risks, I eradicated the Rachni Queen in ME as I didnt think it could be trusted and another great war happen.

The same can be said about Krogans but under Wrex I believe we can end that fear. Under his Brother....pffft nope it wouldn't go well, there is almost not Risk more simply certainties it will go bad.

So some people strife to keep the same, I strove for better at great risk.

Why would you trust Wrex? He's an awesome character, but he's always put himself above Shepard's objectives. In the first game, he kills Fist no matter what you say, and he even considers turning his back on you on Virmire. And when the Turians and Humans are dying by the millionload, he puts the Krogans head of everybody else in the galaxy.

That, plus the comment about the Krogan empire were enough for me. Wrex will do whatever he thinks is good for the Krogans. And hypothetically, 20 years after they save the day from the Reapers, the Krogans have their cure and Krogan females are popping out babies by the litter - that may mean wiping out every other species. My Shepard wasn't going to save the galaxy from the Reapers just so we can fight the Krogan in another generation.

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Props to Brad for getting it right. I don't think I would of gotten it right at that point in the game, but like the guys have been saying on the bombcast, games lately have all been following a Joseph Campbell-esque "allstory" when it comes to shit like this. So, Shepard being the "Chosen One" is unfortunately not that hard to believe.

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Yeah, this is definately a problem with EA. I've seen more than one thread where 360 users are complaining about the game getting stuck on "Checking for downloadable content" and I'm playing on the PC and the game locked up on me at that screen too.

I don't know if with Omega coming out, whatever authorization server they have is just getting pounded or what.

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@yinstarrunner Yeah. Mass Effect 3 isn't GOTY, but this has been a really awesome year for storytelling in video games with things like The Walking Dead and Spec Ops: The Line etc. I fear that all the angst over the ending will overshine the storytelling bits that Mass Effect 3 got really right, mainly the Wrex/Mordin stuff if you side with the Salarians.

The game treated siding with the Salarians like the asshole move it was. Even after the aforementioned moment in the truck when Wrex starts talking about a Krogan Empire, Shepard doesn't say anything and the female Krogan notices you're being silent. Like

Shooting Mordin - extremely powerful moment. I'm not somebody who cries at every video game ("Aries died, I cried!"), but shooting Mordin was pretty upsetting.

My favorite part though is the conversation with Garrus/Joker in the cockpit after you sabotage the cure. Garrus has always been a bit of a pragmatistic when it comes to the Krogan. The entire series, he's hinted that he agreed with the Genophage and even seemed to support the idea of the secret Turian bomb on Tuchanka. After you kill Mordin, he says something about (paraphrasing) "What if the cure won't work and the Krogan wouldn't know? You'd need nerves of steel and Mordin wouldn't stand for it." and Shepard is like "No... he wouldn't." It was just the most fucking perfect moment because Shepard felt exactly like I felt.

And another beautiful thing - the game lets you think you got away with it. For the next few missions, the Krogan and Salarians are on your War Assets and you think you got away by pulling one over on the Krogans. And when Wrex confronts you - if you try to talk your way out of it (like on Virmire), Wrex says "You can't talk your way out of this one, Shepard."

For as questionable as the ending of this game can be, there are some storytelling moments that Mass Effect 3 got oh so right.

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I sided the the Salarians.

I was going to let the Krogans have their cure, but then we didn't get even get out the truck yet and Wrex was yapping about a new Krogan Empire.

I knew then that the Krogans, even Wrex, couldn't be trusted with a cure.

The beauty of the game is that for the next third of the game, I actually thought I had gotten away with tricking the Krogan and had the support of the Krogan and the Salarians. But then, Wrex got all mad and made me shoot him.