E3 2011 Day One: Water is your enemy.

Microsoft/EA/Sony Press Events were...OK at best. I was impressed with a few games like Ghost Recon (I thought I would never buy another wartime FPS but they went and added Kinect support so...), and Assassins Creed Revelations; but I was less impressed by the games that were supposed to blow your mind. These games were Uncharted 3, Far Cry 3, and Tomb Raider. Only until all three main characters of these games met their common enemy, was I somewhat interested in what happens to them. I'll explain.
 First is Uncharted 3. In the trailer we see several locales and situations that Nathan Drake gets into that seem very exciting. But what the developers decided to show on stage was not quiet as good...stealth on a boat. Now, I've never been on a luxury liner before, so I can't speak to the thrills of a lido deck or a pool of water on top of an ocean of water, but what I can comment on is the lack of challenge I saw when Drake was taking out the guards on the boat. It seemed unoriginal and dull. The action did ramp up when gunfire came into play, but the biggest challenge was when the flooding started. Drake screams out "N-N-N-NOOOO!" as he plunges into the flooded part of the boat. This is where my interests piqued because Nathan himself seemed to be in a panic trying to get out. This theme ran in the other two demos also.  
Tomb Raider, Lara burns herself to get free only to land in a water filled cavern. Her orgasmic screams through all of her ordeal made me appreciate the voice actor more than the game its self; but she never screamed until she had to deal with that dreaded water. In Far Cry 3, the audience wades through a jungle of "fucks" and "shits" to finally be thrown into a pit of...you guessed it...water. I could go on with more examples like when it's raining in Resistance 3 or the TinTin trailer, but I won't. It seems like 2011 is the year that water will be your main enemy. Stay away from fountains people.