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You know what, forget it.

I work in an industry with tradesman, i've spent a long time dealing with men pretending to be macho for the sake of not being seen as "nerds" or "dorks" by their peers.

I can smell it on you a mile away Dan, give it a rest. It's sad and it's arrogant. Your on a freaking video games website, your in it as much up to your eyeballs as every one else.

I'm about your age, I'm happily married, I work in a difficult field for tough guys. I think Avatar the last airbender is cool.

Edit - Giantbomb is one of the few places i can go to celebrate my hobby without people attempting to belittle over their own insecurites. Sorry Dan it's wearing thin.


Thanks to Jason for being so indepth.

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Dan, don't give away the strategies on how to play the game before you even start it. It's a lot more fun to let people figure out that stuff on their own and you impose "rules" that are not even necessarily true, e.g. you're a wizard because you rejected that mission.

It got a lot better towards the middle, Mary was awesome.

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What other Professor Layton-like game is Vinny talking about at 8.20?

Vinny: "Puzzle Quest or Puzzle... What was the one? With Like euh... Where you find the bubblegum?"

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Dan: "I assume there's going to be more variety, so far it's been a lot of go do six of this, go to four of this, do eight of this, there's this one guy, he's real scary... I hope that it does."

Oh Dan... You sweet innocent soul.

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A challenge to the GiantBomb community: find a free klondike game on the android app store that doesn't eat your soul.

I found one, eventually, after going through through 50+ games of klondike. Developers have no qualms with throwing fullscreen ads at you while in the middle of your game. This new google rule doesn't fix that.

I wish there was a way to filter "truly free" games on the android app store. I don't mind ads in my games but fullscreen ads in particular are very annoying.

The klondike game I found was called "Smooth Klondike" by the way. It's regular ass klondike, no clutter of menu's, has landscape support and no ads surprisingly.

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I sent in the Gametap question. I tried out the service shortly after I sent that question. It's ok, not great. There is no guarantee that your controller will work which is kindof bad. It did allow me to try out a lot of games that I would never buy for myself. It also has some games that aren't available on Steam anymore (like Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Athena).

When you want to cancel your subscription you need to send an e-mail to support one week before it's renewed with your id number and username which is kinda meh.

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I like her, she's cool. The isometric viewpoint is a bit off a turnoff though. Shooters like that all feel a bit samey to me.

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Oh, I thought I fell asleep at the end, glad it just crashed and I didn't miss anything!