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Thanks a lot! I quite enjoyed listening to this.

-- with breaks taken during GiantBomb live-stream content.

Did you do that out of your own initiative? It's pretty cool but also seems annoying to pull off longterm.

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How does this compare to X3: Terran Conflict? Any thoughts about the being online requirement? Do you feel like the game needs it to be enjoyed properly?

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I'd like to see where reinstating the game will get it. Sure it's highly likely that it will be greenlit but how many of those votes will end up in people actually buying it?

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Half Life 2, I hated the water scooter section with an immense passion. Everytime I thought it was over, they just put me on the damn thing again.

Rogue Legacy, I don't like "the trusting sword down on green glob to make a platform" thing. If the game didn't have that, I'd probably love it.

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Something more cheery would be a nice change of pace. Discworld? Sherlock Holmes would be fun aswell.

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I quite liked Ghost Master till the levels got overly puzzly. Smaller games that are similar to Ghost Master are Haunt the House: Terrortown (there is also a free flash version) and Poltergeist: A pixelated horror.

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I'm kindof excited about it. I'm more interested in the organisation of it than the actual content. Will there be hiphop?!

Unfortunately it takes place around 3 am in Europe.

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One of the first things you do in this game is convince a cab driver not to kill himself so that he can give you a ride. I think that tells you everything you need to know about this game and if you'll like it or not.
They recently posted this on twitter so stay tuned for their next game. I hope it'll be crazy aswell.

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I liked the old version of Podkicker a lot. I don't like the newer UI as much but I still prefer the program to other podcast programs. I think the newer free version also supports pasword protected feeds now (like premium giant bomb podcasts) which is usually locked behind the premium version of a podcast app.

I don't really like DoggCatcher, it feels quite bloaty. It's a program you can use for everything, including videos which hurts the audio podcast side of it imo. I do think it's cool that you can create "virtual feeds" from your own audio files. I think I listened to the longass multiple hour E3 carride with Jeff and John Drake etc that way.

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I used the attack drone and turret for this boss. The trick in the early stages atleast is to go full guns blazing going just for the boss.

It's possible to kill him in the first stage before he spawns the diamonds but you'll likely kill him during the spawn of those. After that, line up so that you can immediately start shooting him when he opens up again in the second stage. He should be only allowed to fire off one volley of arrows. After that he'll start his third stage where he'll spawn four mini bosses. Every time you kill a miniboss they will start spawning a different type of enemy. Be ballsy here. Kill the first miniboss (I do left top) after he spawns the blue diamonds, go directly for the second miniboss (right top), you might even get him before he spawns the orange things. After that you can dive directly down in the bottom right corner behind the third miniboss and unload on him. This will get pretty hectic for a moment but it will also cause to just one wave of green squares to spawn. After that deal with the remains of the blue diamonds, orange things, green squares and take down the fourth one that will start showering you with pink squares. This is manageable, you will wear him down eventually. I strongly suggest that you go fast and hard in this stage because the waves of enemies when left unchecked will slow progression down to a crawl.

After the boss opens up again, shoot him and he will start following you around in his fourth stage. Here you can take it slown and methodical. It's very easy to get trapped by the boss and his sides will start getting bigger as the stages progress. I would recommend to focus on the blue diamonds that will begin spawning and when you get a breather, take a few potshots at the boss. I remember going around the level 3-4 times with the boss before I finally took him down and started the next stage. I'm not entirely sure how the next stages progress. I started using bombs when I felt I became overwhelmed with enemies. When the yellow discs began spawning, I used Turret to give me a breather and shortly after that I took down the boss. You're at his final stage when his core isn't covered by rocks anymore.

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