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A bunch of PSX, PS2, Gameboy, Megadrive and PC games. In hindsight the PC games really stuck with me because I was a lot more conscious about buying those and I only ended getting six of them. I'd like to think that each of those games had some sort significant impact on my life?

  1. Half Life: Generation, a collection of Half Life, Counter-Strike, Opposing Force, Blue Shift and Team Fortress Classic (TFC). I only bought this because I was addicted to the demo of TFC. I liked all the games that were in it but only realised many years later how popular Half Life actually was.
  2. The House of the Dead III. I really like light gun games. I wish there were more light gun games.
  3. Doom 3. I didn't really like this one. It was too dark and found it to be more tedious than scary. It made me realise I don't really like most shooters which in return made me skip a lot of popular franchises.
  4. Guild Wars 1. I was quite addicted to this one. It was a singleplayer RPG with an interesting combat system that still had the fun bits of a MMO like the market place and player hubs. It was a very unique game that will never be seen again and I'm glad I was part of the ride.
  5. Starcraft 2. Greatest game that I never really played? When this game came out I was incredibly addicted to the whole esports scene surrounding it. I tried playing online for a bit but it was a very frustrating experience. I did like the campaign but only finished it years later.
  6. Kult: Heretic Kingdoms. Bought it many many years ago for a cheap price. Only really played and finished it recently. It only further cemented my mancrush for game designer Chris Bateman. Badass female protagonist that wants to kill religion? Kult: Heretic Kingdoms got you covered.
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