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@Funkydupe: also, interogate aliens as soon as you can, it gives you a research bonus for some tec

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The start will be hard no matter what you pick, but normal will get very easy after a few months. I went normal on my first playthrough and only lost one soldier and no nation. I even got the cheve for having my sniper be on every mission for the entire campaign. Squad sight is OP

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The class system is ok, its just gives people a playable stating set they can play with before they cert into something. and you can get all the certs on a single character so you don't have to switch out for a different role, you just have to select another loadout.

and yeah the more powerful gun should be given to the gunner on a tank and let the driver control the crappy gun(apart from the magrider where the gunner has to control the main gun because it doesn't rotate)

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Act 1 dungeons, i was in 4 player co-op and i ran off on my own. FYI, fighting 3 blue demons and a bunch of cultist on a fire trap is not a good idea.

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and fuck those 30 second video adds before you can watch a clip.

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Let's just hope Dave can keep this away from GB.

The ad was fullscreen for a few seconds

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Kinda unbalanced. The dragon attacked the witches and the pyros were all Dummer's so they have 50% fire resist

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Draugur = ghost in Icelandic

its kinda strange understanding the language they get all the names from.

there are alot of dumb names in the game like

Farangur = Luggage

Heimskur = Stupid

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This band is about as Viking metal as you can get. Its in Icelandic, the closest living language to the language of the vikings. and the follow the rules of old norse poetry

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looks like they are making GTA San 4ndreas

San Andreas was pretty cool, but 4 was kinda crap. They started taking it to realistic

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