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I killed him. My Geralt always keeps his promises, even if it is to a dead king and to a shady special forces operative.

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Anyone else got a beta invite already? I had to dig mine out of my spam folder, but I sure got one. It would nice to see some Bombing run shenanigans.

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Counter ultras can be tricky as you have to be smart on when to use them or else you be punished bad. Fei Long has a counter U2 and if you watched the TNT stream, you saw someone got completely dominated by using it bad (Fei Long players used it and the deejay player merely took his time and ultra'd him in return).

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@JokerSmilez: It is one of the best fighting games every made. And it is actually in awesome time to pick it up because it seems like :
a. A lot of people are picking this up who might have missed out the first time around (like me who is a now converted Tekken fanboy)
b.  A lot of people are playing with and learning one of the 10 new characters in this installment. This means that there is an overflow of people who don't really know what their characters that well. So, get out there. Get beaten up and beat down those in return.
Basically don't get intimidated by "pros" or those better than you. Worst case scenario. Ask someone in the community to play you 1 on 1. That way you can have someone teach you what's what and you can both have fun trying things out.
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@lilbigsupermario: haha yeah ultra 1 is still a tricky bitch that requires a lot of practice before you can reliably pull it off in a match. Still, nothing like pulling it off with the sunglasses on so you get a nice sweet close-up before flash kicking your opponent into oblivion. Ex sonic-booms move so fast and hit twice so I have already seen it catch the unprepared Ryu or Ken because they are not expecting the speed and the fact that it will cancel their fireball and then hit them. 
Also he has different sunglasses for his new alternative outfit. Awesome.
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I still play Guile, but I have been experimenting with all the new characters. I still can't quite get a hold of Hakan, but oh is it so satisfying to win matches with his ultra 2 combo.

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Here are my tips for those starting out:
1. Practice, Practice, practice - The only way to get better is to practice your moves and fight people. Try out  a few characters (like one of each type a charge character etc.), find one that you think is cool and enjoy and then stick with them for awhile. That is the only way you are going to get good is by sticking with one and learning them.
2. Don't get discouraged - A lot of people have been playing Street Fighter games for years and are going to be better than you. You will lose games and most likely lose more than win at first, don't sweat it. Just keep on trucking and learning.
3. Go through trial mode. - After the first 10 or so phases, the trials start showing off moves that combo well together. Even if you can't pull them off against the guarding computer Dan, it is still worth going through and just seeing what moves work well together. 

4. Watch replays - The replay channels in game are okay, but hard to find stuff. However if you do, you can watch them with the input indicators on meaning you can see what command someone is exactly using to pull off the sweet combo you just saw. You tube is a good source in finding videos of skilled players doing their thing.  Find someone using your guy and check out what the "pros" are doing with them.

5. Have fun - Don't miss this step. Don't get wrapped up in tier rankings and timing breakdowns unless you really, really want to. Getting frustrated? Take a break or go to arcade mode or training and practice your stuff against the CPU. Take a deep breath and then dive back in. Once you get over that first big hump when learning the character, you will have a lot more fun. Sure you will still lose matches, but you will also be winning more and more.

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Yo if anyone wants to play against a scrub beginner, hit me upon PSN. PSN: Keystone_Yinzer.

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Depends what kind of game it is. Everyone knows that Captain Price is cooler then Soap or Roach. Besides, who wouldn't want to be Wrex?
Same thing for jRPGs as the main character is usually not the awesome one. Damn you FFXII

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Quantum Leap
If you like the idea of time-traveling, but instead of you warping back; you warp into the body of someone else then you will like this show since that is the premise.
I personally loved it and still have my VHS tapes of it. Go in with an open mind and you might just like it.