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I think its that each time a game genration starts, its a new form of media to the old bags. So its a new thing to them each time so its going to happen every genration of systems. So its a microcosm of media at a faster rate. Its crazy I saw chain smoker of facebook, say that E-cigs cutting profits of cig companies saying that is why our economie is bad because their profits are being cut by e-cigs. The common man is getting dumber and dumber.

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I just felt to fucking safe its like I was in a comma or something.

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@needforswede: There was a twin peaks references in the shadow broker DLC. The backwards dream hotel part from twin peaks. I really just think the whole end twist was just handled some what poorly In mass effect 3. I still like that if it had happened that way, but they limited them self by making the endding CG rather then in engin. They could not have as many moving parts as say 2. Plus with any good developer all the ideas people are thinking of they did think of, its just implementing them that is the issue. They may have come to this conclusion for the people who never played a mass effect game. I find as trying to get that bigger splash in the pool. But they knew it would hurt them, so unless they can really prove that the ending they might change was the idea from the start. I just hope they did this endding because of not being able to do it justice the time table they had.

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That is just dumb. Its like the internet has grown beyond their comprehension.

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Its funny it took me awhile to realize that the steve in this video was internet steve. Matt you could tell a mile away, for a sec I thought Drew was there too lol.

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You could do that since the older BF games too

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@Ahmad_Metallic: How did that happen you fail. just kidding you must have just rushed it or not read stuff as best you could. also look up a guide and finish it the right way do it over again. i have played it many times over.
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I think people get out of it what they put in to it. My friend hates mass effect 2 since its nothing like mass effect 1. He missed a lot of the loyalty missons because he did the reaper IFF too soon. I think he missed legion's and Tali's missons, so i feel sorry for him. I think to really enjoy a game you need to have prior knowledge; to get the best experiences out of it. I mean hell think of the best games you ever played. Did they walk you thorough the game no. I think of the first zelda, Half Life 1 and 2; they just drop you in the world. I think playing a game wrong is someones own fault unless the game is broken or made badly. It also has to toe the line between giving the player the info they need and letting them find it out. Bioshock 1 did a great job of this.

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@Geno: The thing you dont get, is the fact shepherd is the only thing the Reapers fear. They fear shepherd because of his or her actions in mass effect 1 and 2. Trust me they are singling out the human race because no one will help us.  So if earth falls the reapers will win since there will be nothing to stop them. So i think the story and leading up will be getting other races to join the fight and prove to them. Also your past dealings will help you gain the strength you need. Spoilers----------> 
Ok here we go I proved Tail to be innocent so the Quarians will be on my side, along with the Krogan are on my side too. I rewrote all The Geth to be good. The Geth thing could backfire thou. I know some choice will hinder me or come back to bite me even, if they are Paragon or Renegade. So Im saying that not all good choice will help you and, not all bad choice will hurt you. Since some of the good choices maybe only short term effects. Also I have one save that every one lived and the only person's loyalty i did not gain was jack's. It was because of the fight with maranda since I romanced maranda.  
END OF Spoilers---------------->  
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