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Oh man, I miss Dave and Flight Club.

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Hey gang,

First off, the NYVCC is a group of journalists within the games industry, from all kinds of publications and backgrounds, who reside in New York. There are only a few of us on the east coast, so Harold Goldberg - founder of the NYVCC - wanted to bring everyone together to bolster east coast games journalism and bring everyone together for meetings, events, fan hang outs and more.

At the Nintendo Wii U Preview event in NYC, on September 13th, Harold Goldberg and I interviewed fellow members of The Circle to get their thoughts and opinions. Interviewees include Giantbomb's very own Alex Navarro, AOL's Libe Goad, Cnet's Dan Ackerman, Gamasutra's Leigh Alexander,'s Charles Herold, and Polygon's Chris Plante.

Just wanted to throw this out there, in case you guys wanted to get some more insight and reactions to the event.

Check it out:


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I love seeing good people come together like this. I just wish it was under better circumstances. I'm so sorry for your loss, my condolences to your family, Patrick.

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Blog about my blog! Blogitty blog blog!

Check it!:

I'll probably just post my PAX East write up anyway for the hell of it.