Rather dissapointed in my Colts last night

I've been a  huge fan of the Indianapolis Colts since Payton Manning came to town.  The reason I followed him there was my love of the University of Tennessee football team in college.   Last nights game showed me something that I haven't wanted to admit for awhile.   Our entire offense is going to have to be rebuilt.   Getting beyond the excuses about injuries with half our receivers sidelined, and our all pro Tight End.   It's painfully obvious that every other team is willing to shell out big bucks to make championship runs now.   I see this Jets team with all the new talent they have that wasn't there last year is just the latest example of that.  I can't remember the last all star the Colts had that was drafted with the team.    I'm sad that my Colts lost, but hopefully this is the first step for their organization to realize that having Manning is something they will not be able to always count on.   They need to give him all the tools to win.   Right now he's playing with an average offense, and for a Colts fan that's a complete 180 degree turn from where we used to be the best of the best when it came to offensive production.