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Well the fact is that no series is really maintaining popularity as the season progresses. The 3 car idea is an effort to try and negate some of the burnout that happens with a 3 month season by changing things up a bit more often. It also opens up the possibility of someone being better at one car than another, which could give them an opportunity to get a bigger haul of points in a particular car. The championship is still an overall thing.

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Khann and Mouse gon' tear up the track. (if you're suggesting we should team up)

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@mouse: Yeah, glad you brought that up with the Jetta because I was having similar thoughts myself. I'd be fine with the MX5. It's a fun car to drive and it's free.

As for teams... I like teams. I don't see why we can't have both driver pairings and a manufacturer championship in GBGT. I've decided I'll be on team RUF this season.

At the moment I have no issue with adding the Ford GT when it is available, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Also I totally messed up the dates in that chart. GBGT will be Friday, FD on Sunday.

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Here's a preliminary schedule for FD and GBGT. As you can see, things will be changing a bit for Formula Duder next season, where we'll be running 3 different cars. Any thoughts/ideas are welcome.

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Hey guys, don't forget we're racing the Jetta in about 15 minutes! We're racing at Lime Rock this week, so no excuses :D 40 minutes of practise, 5 minutes of qualifying, then we race.

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Still the same times for me. Do I need to change something?

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You leave Waterworld alone! :( Waterworld is awesome.

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@hayfourzee: Nope, not unless it was somehow extremely successful.