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Yeah that was good fun. Messy but great battle at the start of the race that unfortunately ended in disaster.

I had a couple of goes at you in the hairpin, but both times I got on the power too hard and got way too much wheelspin so you got me into the next corner :(

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What are you talking about?

We are talking about the non reference board 980 ti graphics cards? Right now the only one really in stock anywhere is the EVGA card. MSI also has one out but it is sold out everywhere I have seen.

I mean what are you talking about in regards to EVGA? In what way do they not stack up to MSI and ASUS? If anything they're considered one of the best.

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The prices were insane on Amazon but Newegg does have them in stock at the normal price.

I don't recall care for EVGA myself, they aren't "bad" but they just don't stack up to MSI and Asus.

What are you talking about?

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Haven't decided what I'm going to drive yet. Leaning towards the truck though.

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terrible idea

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That was a fun season. Nice to drive the Skippy again, even if it isn't the most exciting car.

As for that last race... yeah, you were much more consistent than me @mouse . Without that mistake we would have been fighting at the end.

Onwards to silliness!

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such depth

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no, don't be stupid