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Honestly I think it's just one of those things that you need to do. Make mistakes and learn from them and you will get better and more comfortable with the whole process.

And believe me, mistakes will happen.

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Join us in around 50 minutes for some flat-out oval racing in the DW12!

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Had a lot of fun in the Jetta today. That thing is so easy to race door-to-door.

Looking forward to the DW12 race tomorrow :D

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Don't forget: the Jetta Cup starts in an hour! We're at the short Okayama layout, so no track purchase necessary.

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Yep, it'll show up there. Just join when the session starts. I'll be setting up all the races this afternoon.

You should be able to spectate any of the races.

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Gonna repost Slowbirds mailer here just in case some folks aren't getting it:

Hi everyone! We've got some new stuff starting in the Giant Bomb Racing League. But first, BOMBCAR rolls on with only 2 weeks left in the Chase, and this Friday's Charlotte race is DOUBLE LENGTH!

Then on Saturday, we'll launch a 4-week mini-season with the VW Jetta. It's easy to drive and should give us some great close racing!

Sunday we'll start another new mini-series. If the Jetta's not your thing, then how about THE DW12 INDYCAR on ovals and road courses? First up: Charlotte! I hope to see you there!

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@mouse: Jetta cup will be lap-limited races that work out to around 30 mins a race. Qualifying will be alone and a single lap. No fuel restrictions.

FDX is not yet finalised. Currently I'd say it's: 45 min road races, 60 min oval races. Open qualifying on the road side, probably closed qualifying with limited laps for the ovals. No fuel limits as the DW12 has a tiny fuel tank that will force pit stops anyway.

And yeah don't worry, a L49 oval race or ten is definitely gonna happen.

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And that concludes Season 3 of the road side of GBRL! Congratulations to:

@iron1c The new GBGT champion.

@travis_mihm The new Formula Duder champion.

And Monster Energy, the Formula Duder teams champions!

Final standings are here: Formula Duder / GBGT

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The session for the final race of GBGT is up now! 90 minutes at Road Atlanta. Come join us :D