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I wasn't aware there were adjustable difficulty settings in the first place.

To be honest I didn't ever really find the money situation to be an issue - surprisingly, since I'm not good at games in general (not awful either... just average). I guess this just suits my strengths. I was never near running into money issues at any point, like, here's an example of my 'save tree' for the first few days if you like:

The main thing is to be accurate. You want to be quick, but no point rushing if it means you make errors all the time - accuracy is more important. You get quicker as you get used to the interface, anyway. And if you read all the pages of the paper every day (you can do that before starting; doesn't take any time) you can get it all straight in your head before a timer even starts.

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Weight discrepancy - highlight the weight on the document, and the weight given at the bottom left (you know where the clock is that you highlight if there's an expired document? On the other side of the desk, it tells the person's weight).

Height discrepancy, highlight it on the document that gives it and then highlight the person (there's a height chart behind where people are standing so you can tell when it's really off, but doesn't hurt to check sometimes with some hairstyles too).



Fingerprints can be used to check a few things. If you fingerprint somebody whose names don't match, it's not the fingerprint you're interested in. It's the aliases field, which is on the same paper.

eg. Somebody's name is John Doe on one document and John Doo on another. You finger print them, and look at the alias field. If it says, "John Doe - no known aliases", then they're lying. (You can check if you like by interrogating the 'no known aliases' bit with the fake name - it'll come up as discrepancy detected.) If on the other hand it says John Doo is an alias of theirs, you can let them through provided there aren't any further problems.

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I got ending 20 on my first try. That's because I just ignored all the people making dodgy requests of me and carried on, haha.

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Yeah, the idea is that you need to call them on it - if they then correct themself, they're good to go through.

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@Hunter5024: They aren't in the American version. I'm not sure how exactly that works - whether they were dummied out (seems unlikely?) or whether the PAL release was of a later version with more content. (The international release?) But I do know it's not in the NTSC game.
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So I’m a bit of an old fashioned gamer. My PC isn’t massively up to date graphics-wise etc. because there’s no need for it to be (and it causes more problems than it solves) – I don’t tend to play very taxing, or very new, games. I like sticking around with games from the early-mid 2000s or the 90s, and it seems like I’m always running into errors.

I know technology advances – of course it will, and that will create some issues, bizarre as some seem to me. (I am still truly baffled that my computer can run the first three Monkey Island games no problem, but Escape From Monkey Island won’t launch – despite it being newer. I have an older gaming PC for some games, and it works there at least, so that's something.)

But I constantly seem to be running into errors these days – some small, some large. I’ve just been playing the Syberia games and they had issues but were mostly playable. The first game crashed repeatedly after picking up an item, but a quick google popped up a solution to do with graphic settings that got me past that bit. Other than that, there were just some minor speech issues (the first game had overlapping speech with long dialogue, the second game cut short spoken dialogue if it was too long – but the whole sentence was there in the subtitles at least). So they weren’t too bad.

Then there are just bizarre issues with some games, like Rollercoaster Tycoon – which I can get to run absolutely fine – until I try to save or load, wherein the game crashes. If I play a game in one sitting it has no issue and it remembers that new areas have been unlocked.

Today’s issue, and what finally inspired this blog, is an old adventure game called The Black Mirror. It installed no problem, try and launch it and… bang, my anti virus popped up with a Trojan alert. From googling, this seems to be a common issue, though I can’t figure out from varied responses if this is a false positive or an actual Trojan. (My anti-spyware software found nothing, and my anti-virus didn't find anything further either) The fact that all the game publisher’s sites seem to no longer exist doesn’t really help matters. So I’ve no idea if I should ever even consider putting this game disc in my PC again, or if it’s a risk. Naturally this classes as a pretty big barrier to playing the game. I'm wondering if this issue is just something to do with how it tries to launch the game (it does seem familiar, so I suspect this might have happened with one of my games before). Next step, I think, will be seeing if I can get it to run on the old gaming PC without it freaking out.


Are any of the rest of you people who enjoy old games? Do you often come across issues, whether big or small? Do you get annoyed at even small issues, or do you just get on with it?
(Sorry for the repost if you've seen this before, had a slight technical issue and decided to repost.)

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Play what you want to play, even if it's an older game - although it's cool if you wanna finish the other games first too. Granted, as somebody who barely ever plays anything considered a 'recent' release these days (mostly as I don't have the consoles for newer stuff), I play old games a lot more often, haha.

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So for a year or so, I haven't been able to complete the Famous Friends quest set. This isn't because I don't know who the people are - I do, and I've viewed all the pages. In fact, it displays like this:
"Famous Friends 6 of 6 1100 XP available rare" 
So if it's 6 of 6 I should have it, right? But...
"Easiest Set You Don't Have Yet: Famous Friends"
And on the actual description page for Famous Friends, there are ticks next to each objective (obviously I won't copy and paste what it says since the names would be spoilers) but it still says: "1 Step Needed to Complete" on each section ... it just doesn't say what that step is. o.o  And yes, on every tab it says "You viewed the [name] page" with a tick next to it.
What's going on with this quest? I'm fairly sure it wasn't a limited time only quest. Is it completely uncompletable for me now?
Oh, and I've tried viewing the pages again, but that didn't trigger anything either. 
EDIT: It should be complete, too. From my quest history:
Original Sim complete April 19th, 2010
British Royalty complete April 25th, 2010
MISTER KOMBAT!!!! complete July 22nd, 2010
The Most Important Man in the Videogame Industry complete August 23rd, 2010
Changing the Game complete November 1st, 2010
The Hooded Blazer complete November 1st, 2010
So it's definitely considering them complete. It's just... not completing the quest set.

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I know this was posted like 3 months ago, but still...
My absolute least favourite minigame is the butterflies. God, I hate them so much. I dunno, I just find seeing the depth of where things are difficult, if that makes sense? Like I can't tell if it's at the back or the front, so I have issues avoiding things as it'll look like it's the back of a path and it's at the front or something. It drives me batty. 
I shamelessly got my brother to do the chocobo race for me. xD
Lightning just requires patience and focus. I haven't done it yet but I think I probably could if I wanted to.
If you have Jecht Shot, blitzball is an absolute breeze. If not, it's a bit harder, but it's not difficult if you have a decent team and understand how the system works and as you learn more techniques. If you get your head around the system, it's pretty simple to figure out what to do in any given situation. The advantage of jecht shot is that it'll knock out two people on defense every time, so you don't have to worry if a bunch of their defenders suddenly ambush you. It's just dull when you play so many games of it, more than anything.