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Hello, I'm Kharisian.

I have nothing cool to say about myself.

The only cold thing being that I'm Canadian.

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For those of us who have come across this problem every single time they play, here is a patch that will work for XP sp 3.

This is one of the oldest issues with the game, so there are one or two other patches out there, but this one has been met with some approval from the Star Trek community, so hopefully the site mods don't mind me dropping it off for folks to get a little help in actually being able to play. Let me finally get something more than level 3 out of the Federation timeline.

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@Joeybagad0nutz said:

Should have just done KOTOR 3 instead of mmorpg bullshit.....

Everything I have said since the very beginning of this stupid MMO endeavor of EA's from the moment it was announced. I wish that companies would just give us the RPG experience instead of destroying it like this. Worst part of all is that instead of giving us a world of choice, all the decisions are made -- our past experiences mean nothing to the game, everyone who we were interested in is dead, and if we want to learn what happened, we have to join an MMO that will inevitably crumble.


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While I'm well late, most definitely play this game. One of the first where I got my butt handed to me on a silver platter, and the expansions made this even better ; it's nice playing a game where every move impacts dozens of things, rather than one or two. Originally I'd thought I'd hate it (being an expansion minded player and all) but it turns out... I actually like it.

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I guess I'm part of that silent majority that never really bought into the hysteria at the end of the last game. On the contrary, my only real problem was that you had to play online to get your war readiness high enough, and that's about it. I always expected large aspects of the ending to be what they were, and even in previous iterations of RPGs produced by Bioware, the endings having always had a more fluid feel than other games produced by other teams -- KotOR, for example, allowed you to switch over to the dark side, albeit with some punishments (you didn't go full dark side, you only gained a few powers, etc), but none so significant to really stop people from doing it. While that series was a bit more heavy handed in it's plot and then beaten into an MMO, it's a good example of a typical Bioware ending.

While I wasn't impressed by the ending in any real case, I really felt Shepard was a tragic character, and the ending reflected that. I know before it was even released the creators had been telling people to keep their saves, so DLC was going to happen anyways -- it just ended up being a change, and I kind of wish they hadn't changed it at all. :(