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Yeah logging out and back in appears to have made it work... I have no idea why I didn't think of that myself.

Cheers Toad.

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I feel like I might of seen @rorie tweet about this the other day but I'm unsure.

Finally got back round to upgrading to premium again, can confirm as being premium according to my billing page yet whenever I try to watch any premium video it tells me I need to upgrade to premium and so I am unable to watch them.

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Any chance I can get on the GB list?


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Rather odd that this hasn't been said yet but I really like the new Knight Rider they did a few years back I found it really good, to a certain extent better than the originals though I do love me some original Knight Rider.

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Yup totally looks like some arsehole greenlight dev was pulling a prank.

Nothing to see here move it along people.

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So found this on steam... don't know whats going on but sounds like this was supposed to be only veiwable by internal Valve staffers

EDIT: It appears that its not dissappeared from the community news. Luckilu grabbed this screen shot before it dissapppeared though here's another since i still have the page open for proof though

EDIT: So turns out it was a dickhead greenlight dev pulling a prank he's to dudes twitter btw

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Eden Lake...god damn that movie is fucked up on so many levels.

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@everyones_a_critic: I totally leave mine in most of the time, though not months as I get sent three sets of one month contacts every three months and keep them in the majority of that month I mean sometimes there a bit irritating in the morning due to eyes being dry bust usually just squezing your eye a little with your eyelids closed sorts that out. My opticians also sell eye drops for dry eyes that can be used with contacts in and that helps alot. I think the main reason your not supposed to keep them in at least past the month is just because the longer you use them the more chance some germs can get on them and cause infections.