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@rapid said:

@khessed: Invited!

Thanks! Am I right in thinking there aren't any rooms under construction currently that need resource donations?

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I'm enjoying Warframe a lot right now. Every mission can hold up to 4 players and you can set it to 'invite only' so you only get your friends in.

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Hi, I'd love to join you duders as well. IGN: SunieFairbreeze

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If you are on Chrome on an android or iOS device you can translate your page to emoji...

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Could this be the boxart for Mindwheel, please?

I've been trying to get it uploaded into the game's gallery but it doesn't seem to wanna go through. I guess there's a rule that I've overlooked or something. This images comes from my "own" gallery on the site.

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I wonder how long it'll take before someone sets up a stream on a dedicated PC for everyone to see. This seems to be a locally running program that'll reset as soon as I close the browser window (Haven't tried though, too enthralled by this.)

This could be the UVB-76 of our generation. Perpetually broadcasting around the world.

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You can't fool me, that's Bucky O'Hare.

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Her favorite websites list includes Sankakucomplex... So you have the image of this cute moe character, but silently implying that she's this huge pervert?