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Do you think Giant Bomb could embed the games from the Internet Archive on their game pages? I'd rather navigate GB, to be honest.

regardless: RAD AS ALL HELL.

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Not seeing tweets, videos end abruptly and my notifications & messages indicator are showing up blank. EDIT: nvm that's part of the design now.

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@ragnar: My favorite horror movie will have to be Cabin in the Woods. A close second is The House on Haunted Hill (with Famke Janssen). Both are very campy, I like Cabin for its very well written humor and House for its trippy Silent Hill-esque effects.

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I can't help myself

I read these in Shitbot's voice

And now you will, too

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I'd like for them to cover some of the Elite Tauren Chieftain songs. I think their style fits perfectly.

Like for example this one.

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I REALLY want a new, modern StarTropics game. (1 was amazing and 2 was pretty good as well).

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@zirilius said:

StarCraft Ghost, Final Fantasy for the N64, and Bahamut Lagoon for the SNES.

I remember seeing Bahamut Lagoon in nintendo power and think god I want that game.

Bahamut Lagoon's not cancelled though, just never localized (though I get your drift.) There's an excellent fan translation out there on the web.

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This reminds me, it's about time for my yearly run through of all the Genesis games (just swapping 3D Blast for Sonic CD).

Something like that seems really cool for the upcoming Extra Life charity drive!

Oh man, I'd love to do that if I knew how.

What exactly? Streaming it or joining the Giant Bomb Extra Life group? Streaming can be done with a program called OBS (provided you wanna run the games on PC, otherwise you'll need some hardware) and there's a forum thread on the GBEL group around here somewheres.