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@aegon: Just about every Quest/FATE/Item can be found online. For quest you just google the Quest name(often ending up with and FATEs (open world quests) and Items can be explored on Also, getting on a server and finding a nice Linkshell/Free Company nets you a ton of players and shared information.

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Oh my god, wow. That's incredible...

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Do you think Giant Bomb could embed the games from the Internet Archive on their game pages? I'd rather navigate GB, to be honest.

regardless: RAD AS ALL HELL.

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Not seeing tweets, videos end abruptly and my notifications & messages indicator are showing up blank. EDIT: nvm that's part of the design now.

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@ragnar: My favorite horror movie will have to be Cabin in the Woods. A close second is The House on Haunted Hill (with Famke Janssen). Both are very campy, I like Cabin for its very well written humor and House for its trippy Silent Hill-esque effects.

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I can't help myself

I read these in Shitbot's voice

And now you will, too

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I'd like for them to cover some of the Elite Tauren Chieftain songs. I think their style fits perfectly.

Like for example this one.

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I REALLY want a new, modern StarTropics game. (1 was amazing and 2 was pretty good as well).

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@zirilius said:

StarCraft Ghost, Final Fantasy for the N64, and Bahamut Lagoon for the SNES.

I remember seeing Bahamut Lagoon in nintendo power and think god I want that game.

Bahamut Lagoon's not cancelled though, just never localized (though I get your drift.) There's an excellent fan translation out there on the web.