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@chose What you pointed out is what it might have been, we don't and probably won't ever know for sure what pre-180 plans were. But yeah, funny how letting 10 people use 1 copy of a game gets publishers more money, supposedly.

@humanity That is certainly true that you don't move forwards if you are afraid that anyone might be left behind. And what MS was planning to do if I can loan your Netflix example, is scrapping their current DVD mailing part and jumping straight to internet renting only, in selected cities, in selected states. (I don't really know where Netflix is actually available, living behind don't-know-who's back in northern europe kinda has made sure of that)

What MS probably should have tried is what Netflix did, start providing digital service and make it more appealing to use than physical discs like everyone and their dog's chewtoy has probably said at this point. Not directed at you.

And MS can decide to try that jump later, before or after launch but if they decide to ignore/not care about a large part of their current customer base by their own choice, they can't act suprised when that part of their customer base doesn't care about them or their product anymore.

Because if you go around yelling "screw poor/sick/military/less priviledged people" and those people return the favour you can only blame yourself for it, don't you? Again not directed to you but to this conversation as a whole.

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@tesla: Because they probably didn't have it ready or even knew how to do it, so it's easier to bury it now while blaming the 180 turn for it.

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@darth8ob: Really? I mean really? Still this crap? This hurts my brain.

- TLDR - Step in the right direction, now remove and lower the price or let the Kinect be unplugged and XBox might be on even grounds with PS4.

First the really bad.

How is adding multiple new restrictions and additional (not earned btw) control over what the consumer does with his/her product not "MS wasn't trying to intentionally screw over any of their customers" ? Limiting where, how or when I/you/someone can use the console and games without any real benefits isn't "screwing customer over" ? Then what is?

*Also I'll talk about the supposed benefits in a bit but let's continue with this train of thought, other than to MS and big publishers that is.*

Also forcing a device with a camera that can see you in the dark and a microphone that you must have connected and powered to use your console at all, they pointed out that you can decide how the Kinect works to some degree but still you can't unplug the damn thing if you want, isn't screwing consumers over?

If you don't want to or won't get anything that will use any of the features that Kinect provides, why can't you keep it unplugged?

Or if you don't want to have an active survaillance device in your house that MS or NSA or 4chan or all together could use for their own fun, why do you have to have it powered? Even after the removal of online requirements/DRM you can't leave it unplugged, why is that? Why it must still be connected? I think you can stick "Uses Kinect" stickers to your games if you use it for anything.

Online checks and additional DRM for disc based games (yes yes the "cloud libary" will be talked about) also doesn't count as screwing over?

Why would you even use discs if you are going for the digital future? While trying to hop straight to "digital only" is stupid enough, why wouldn't you just ignore discs? The machine is supposed to be always connected to a broadband connection isn't it? Why confuse people with the illusion that they are still getting a physical copy and think that they can use it like before? Oh wait, the evil retail behind the curtain is looking mean.

Have you witnessed a launch of an mmo? Or launch of an expansions to those, WoW for example? While they have gotten better at those, they still have serious problems in the first week(s). And those are games that are 24/7 online, meant to be so from the start. Then there was D3 release which wasn't exatcly good one, actually a crappy one. And it was also Blizzard doing that, they know what to expect at launch.

How did new SimCity launch go? Did it take one week or more to be able to play a game that didn't have to be always online? Wasn't that fun? Now XBone would require regular check ups, not constant connection. Still the first time that service went down, be it at launch or time after that for any reason, black outs, accidents, DoS attacks for an extended ammount of time and consoles would become useless for their supposed use, how do you think consumers would feel? Consumer is required to jump at the word "go" and so assumes that service provider will be always ready, it has to be when it builds the service around that idea. It would be, apologies, a fucking shitstorm.

Now how long was PSN out after being hacked? It was weeks, not one day or two, several weeks. That was only the online services, PS3 still worked fine in offline but people didn't really like the outage, nevermind possible security problems.

Now imagine all new Xboxes becoming bricks for weeks. Even several days would be enough.

After that it would "probably" take more than month of PS+ to get people back. Not only because it did happen but because it can happen and consumer is at the mercy of service providers actions if consumer wants to use his/her console to, you know, play games with. The thing that the product is used for. This would be just a timebomb waiting to go off. Be it for any reason, internal, outside or just beyond anyone's control the first major outage would be fatal for the console, especially when across the road there is another console that would work just fine in similiar case.

Do I have to go to the negatives that needing a internet connection to work at all causes? I'm not US citizen but you and I understand that that is a insane requirement for military personel, hospitals and such. Also mandatory Kinect has big problems in those cases.

So, you don't have internet connection requirement anymore, except when setting up. Or the pseudo-"digital only" playing around with discs. Good. You still have mandatory Kinect that can't be unplugged. Bad. You (MS) dropped possible features that would have worked just fine with "current" digital market. Strange.

Now the "positives" that this crap could have brought

The "Cloud"

Mother of buzzwords right now. Beyond possible Titanfall or Forza AI computing what else is there? Right, we don't know. So let's leave it there.

Digital game libary

How does this differ from what you have now? Buying digital copy from online and having it tied to your account. Even with the now "lost" digital future it would be just like now, unless MS was planning to go all Gaikai on us and all your games would be streamed from the "Cloud".

But wait, why then would you have to even install anything if the.. I'll use C now for the "cloud" copy of the game is in the C? Yeah, it's the good old Steam/PSN/XBL/GOG/similiar model that is currently in use.

That is right, your copy is magically in the C so you don't "have to" carry your game collection with you, but unless you are running with 100M+ connection where you are going with your game libary, you would still carry those "old and useless" discs with you so you don't have to wait 12h to download the game you want to play, fun times!

Your digital "libary" is pointless now, you will want to carry your discs with you, so you can actually play the damn games instead of waiting to download it. Or just bring your god damn brick of a console with you, yay for digital future!

"Steamlike" prices/sales.

Wouldn't happen. Why? Monopoly. Not much else to say, figure it out.

Sharing and "Family plan"

Now being able to sell/loan/give digital versions of your games to others would be awesome I admit. Still even the giving part is made a bit complex. It would've been that you could give your copy to one person who has been on your friend list for 30 days and as far as I understood it, you can only gift game once. Does this mean that if I buy the game it can only be gifted once in it's lifetime or does it mean that I can only give my copy once and the new owner could do the same? What information we got said that you will lose your "copy" so 2nd isn't that atleast, might not be 1st either, not enough information. So cool idea with maybe needless hoops to jump through but still a solid idea. Why was this dropped then? Also this wasn't supposed to be available at launch AFAIK.

Now the big one, in many ways. The "Family plan".

Basicly you could add 9 people to your "family" and they could get acces to games you put in your shared libary. Ok, sounds cool but what does it mean exactly? My understanding was that added "family" members could acces any of your games that you have put in the libary. You could play game A and one of them could play game B/C/D/E at the same time. Would have worked best with 1-2 friends with not exactly same tastes in games because you could still play "your" game you bought and X could play a game that he/she bought together with you. Or similiar cases point being that you could split game costs and/or possibly try new things without having to buy it "blind".

Now sounds cool doesn't it? Not "too good to be true" yet though. Could happen because with more than a few people managing it would become a nightmare, time wise and who gets what game bound to their account. Still not impossible yet IMO.

Now the thing that some people cry that we have "lost" because "crying gamerbabies".

Buy 1 game and share it with 9 other people.

Yeah, sounds way too good to be true doesn't it? Yes because it wasn't from this reality.

A system that was made to kill used games would let you split game costs with 9 other people without any kind of catch?

Are youinsane?

Not only that but instead of allowing a system where game might be sold once or twice after initial purchase would let you buy one copy and allow 10 people to use that one copy? Sure it would have been fine with MS, they won't get much if anything from game sales so it would've had not hurt them really. Now ask EA/Ubi/ACTIVISION what they would think about that? Yeah, thought so, no fucking way in icy hell.

Also if you have followed the "news" (rumours in neogaf), the whole glorious "Family plan" might have been worse version of full game trials that PSN has for PS+ members. Because they have either put it on hold or scrapped the whole idea, we will probably never really know what it was supposed to be but it could not have been the version that some people made it to be. There is no way in this industry that you could share 1 game with 9 people without other limits than 1 person being able to play it at times.

Cute by the way that games getting bigger and bigger budgets is moving forwards supposedly. It's not like it's the biggest problem at the moment or anything. "No small budget game brings out any new ideas that is for sure."

While Gamestop/equal is hurting developers in the end, it is not the consumers duty to pay up to it. Publishers and retail have to work it out themselves, killing any form of 2nd hand market, rental or just plain gifting your games away isn't the solution for problems that they themselves created.

And if innovation means that MS and big publishers get to milk everyone even better than before, it is a wrong direction for sure. Treating customers as wallets that you can beat down without any consideration to them is a industry that needs to either crash horribly or get somekind of change in direction because that sure as hell won't do. And if the planned XBone would have sold actually decent numbers, that is even more reason to call this kind of bullshit out. You may not mind being slave to shareholders whims but a lot of people don't like that idea. Also trying to create planet consuming diseases is innovation and trying to create a black holes on earth counts as that too. CAN'T BE A BAD IDEA RIGHT? It's not automaticly good if it is being "innovative".

Guess who also had innovative future plans? Yeah, we are going there, stick to your teddy bears because we are going to Godwyn this bitch up, Hitler.

And if you didn't catch the joke, MS isn't the new Nazis.

They get points for actually realising that what they were planning to do was insane and changing things. Or noticing that suitcases didn't like the idea of giving up at the start. But they still tried to do it. Remember that.

And if you wan't the new XBox because of the games, knock yourself out but don't try to guilt-bomb others who try to keep consumers of this industry as a little more than cattle with loss of vaguely described features that either couldn't happen in current industry or just weren't even explained proberly or both.

Fuck me this is too long.

Congrats troll, you made me spend ~1½ hours to writing a wall of text that has common sense applied to what info we have at this moment. And if you were really thinking that you wrote (you are part of the same "uneducated masses" that you ridicule who do understand these things), you would be wrong.

I need to sleep now...

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@humanity: Based on their actions lately? No way, even with region locks removal they might stick to original countries. Actually, I would put money on it that they won't launch in additional countries.

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A step in the right direction with half step backwards but still forwards anyways. It's something.

Firstly, what is the MS magic "cloud castle" supposed to actually do that would've been worth the prisoner treatment? At the moment only things I have heard from these threads and reveal+e3 events is running Titanfall bot AI or "drivatar" AI powerleveling (damn retarded names again while the idea is neat) besides normal save storage?

And what did they mean when talking about "having your digital copy stored in the magic cloud"? Was it streaming it from there like what Sony is trying to do with PS1/2/3 games with Gaikai? Or like Steam/PSN/GOG/XBL(no idea how XBL thing works so big "?") is now and your account has x number of games attached to it which you can download anywhere if you log in?

Because if it is the 2nd then let me welcome you to times when Steam launched back in...hell I'm bad at remembering things but a long time ago. This makes also the selling point of not having to carry your game collection/discs around even more useless. Unless you are sure that where you are going has 100M internet connection you'll be downloading those games for a while and having to carry the install disc would still be smarter option even then.

Now to other points.

All the removals are a good thing, still leaves the MANDATORY spying (and mostly useless for majority) Kincect brick + having to connect the Box when setting up.

What does their "no region locks" mean? Is it only that you can buy your games from either US or EU/Japan/Australia and play with any region XBone or can you get your XBone from UK and use it in say, Poland (Witcher devs lol)?

If they are going out of their way to reduce DRM/Online crap, why is the Kinect still mandatory and always on (I have read the changes, if you can't actually unplug/kill the power for it then it's not really OFF )? Not to mention that it's useless for people who don't have a living room size of a small apartment or aren't fluent speaking english (or does it support other languages?) or, mind you, don't give a shit about waggle and/or voice control?

Family plan thingy. Did they kill it or is it delayed? If delayed then no comments. But if they killed it because they couldn't track your actions every hour it is really sad. It actually is a cool concept like AI power leveling server side. They could still have tied it to digital copies only and work somekind of deal between keeping eye on who plays what and current/coming DRM policy.

The playing field has been tilted a little towards more balanced position.

Hopefully somewhat neutral part over (though old stuff but still).


Tbh I didn't expect this so soon, maybe closer to release but looks like shit hit the fan hard and they had to do something to get +karma points after the shitstorm that has raged. This is a good thing for the console owners who aren't ready for all digital system and if they did push their shit through, you would've had a shitty version of Steam that treats you like a criminal, keeping eye on you 24/7 and calling every 24 or 1 hour(s) status updates to mothership. And PS+ is a better deal by a mile still.

And why would you still use worthless discs even to install if you are going all digital? Idiots, you have a 100/100M connection EVERYWHERE, even in sahara desert.

They were just spewing how they would/could not change things because "they build it from the ground up that way and it can't be changed!" "get 360 lolz" and *drumroll* they pull a 180 while not actually admitting that they fudged it up big time.

And while admitting being wrong takes effort (which they didn't do) and some might say "balls", are you really saying that this takes more balls than going directly against the policies of your opponent that could buy timed if not full exclusives from 3rd parties and has done so already in the past, really? Really realz? With EA, Ubi and rest supposedly playing nice by saying that they are dropping online passes/similiar stuff after they MS revealed their plans? And not by dropping hints/info quietly over time but at E3 and on stage with big screens saying exactly that and going all "Sega" on MS's ass?

They deserve points for what they did but they are still a long way from equal standing with Sony's deal.

And is your (people who cry about them holding progress back) idea of a console a cablebox that can play games if you let your home be spied and updated to their databases? Really? A really shitty PC that almost wants your blood to operate beyond cablebox capabilities? And waving your arms and legs around like an idiot and yelling to your electronics? Magic "cloud computing" that does jack shit beyond little AI computing/improving and worse version of Steam? What is the point of a "console" if you can easily get better hardware and service on a PC platform? It's not even portable anymore because you would need a network connection, have fun finding that on trips. You can take that "vision" of a bad "Steambox) and stick it somewhere where sun doesn't shine, be it your arse or some cave.

You are welcome btw, that "uneducated" and "childish" and "douchebag" minority tries to protect some of your rights, even if you don't like being helped. Some of us don't care to rent a 500€ machine and 60€ games that can stop working at any moment if shit happens or suitcases decide so.

And us (non-US living gamers) don't really care about your glorious sportsbox and cablebox ablities that won't work/mean anything beyond US borders.

You are weak willed Microsoft, eating your promises, as shitty as they may be.

Never forget. They wanted to do this to you now, don't assume that they won't try to do it later if you let them.

Words for the word god!(Not mine, thanks to someone at Warseer)

- TLDR- They changed major points for better even though it might make them look weak willed. Still a long way to go. Still 100$ difference in prices, mandatory Kinect with it's problems and list of features (anything tv related) that don't mean anything to a LOT of people. Will this stand and will MS stay true to this? Only time will tell.

Atleast now there can be a competition between consoles instead of Sony winning automaticly because people at MS are complete idiots and out of touch with reality.

P.S And yes, I have PS1-3, PSP, PC (and Nes/Snes/N64) if you are wondering my "side" in this "war".

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@MrMuscle: A bit late answer but you can also add them to your Real ID and chat through that, which is same as just sending whispers (PM) to their char, don't know which it is though. Just BattleTag or char name but anyways.

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@scarace360: Yes, everything you have carries over to new difficulties. Gold, gear, lvl, inventory, everything.

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@scarace360: It's the diablo thing, you complete normal and then unlock nightmare. Nightmare monsters will be higher level (health and damage) like others said already, they will probably also gain new skills / affixes (elemental damage etc), they'll be more aggressive and there will be more of them, so in short, everything will be harder. Champions/elites/uniques gain more affixes/attributes, on normal you are lucky if you find those with more than 1 "skill". So in short everything gets harder.

With increased difficulty there will be new items and stats/affixes in the items, resistances and such probably. You will most likely be around 30 when you complete normal, 45-50ish when you complete nightmare I guess and probably will reach 60 (cap) when you complete hell and unlock the new inferno difficulty which will kick our asses like a boss.

You will continue to unlock runes up to level 60, you'll "run out" of new skills at 30 when you'll probably hit nightmare.

Hardcore is unlocked at lvl 10 like already said, it's just like "softcore" with 1 difference. Death is permanent and you can die only once. Regardless of the reason, once you die it's over.

Also there is no RMAH (real money auction house) for hardcore characters.

A short bit about ai scaling/difficulty change.

- edit - Normal is supposed to teach how the game works for you and real challenge starts in nightmare when you have gotten familiar with the game.

The Blizzcon panel about difficulty levels in general.

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@Brendan: While there might be some review scores that are actually bought, I was pointing out the "funny" fact that while ME3 is a good and even a great game, 75+ "perfect" scores just seems fishy IMO.

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I find the"over 75 perfect scores" funnier than the actual quote. How much those cost to EA? Just wondering...

I'd like to see those perfect scores, but then again anything can be perfect if you encourage reviewers with enough *cough* money *cough*.