Audio done right with the Earforce X1 headset from Turtle Beach

I'm like this dude... except more nerdy.

My Turtle Beach Ear ForceX1 headset from eBay finally arrived in the mail this week from somewhere in the States. Bought them off of eBay a few weeks ago for a little under 60$. I happen to hate eBay and avoid it as much as possible  (I don't have any patience for these types of things... I like instant gratification) but for these beauties I was willing to make an exception. These things are pretty much impossible to find in Ontario so eBay is my only option. It's a shame more places don't sell these around here, any serious gamer who plays at night would get a kick out of them.

These things rock so much. Besides the quality being good they allow you to play your 360 or PC games as loud as you want without disturbing other people (plus it also has a mic so no need for a separate headset underneath. So besides the obvious advantage these things can also improve your performance in game . While it's no 5.1 the quality is still good enough to know where things are coming from off screen, and games like CoD4 (such loud footsteps) change completely with these. If you are a 360 gamer you owe it to yourself to pick up a pair.

P.S: Dr. Horrible is awesome and shame on you if you missed it.