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I too.... was far too slow.

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It's entertaining. Every. Single. Time.

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Doesn't look cell shaded. Just looks like they kept the diffuse and normals from before, tossed a hard edge, and increased the shit out of the specular map, with some seriously heavy use of fresnel

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I just played through the original last night and this morning. Started wrong number about an hour ago. I don't see much a difference. As for needing guns that's not true at all.. I've had no issue with melee. Just lure dudes to you more/run into adjacent rooms quickly. It seems easier to take people by surprise so I havn't had any issues running into a room and punching 3 dudes down, then finishing them off. I quite like it so far, and believe the music is much better if at all possible.

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I love you cd projekt red. It's ok.. I would wait a lifetime for TW3 <3

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I fucking hate Uplay... Origin is light years better.... and that's saying something...

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cs:go man

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fuck right or left handed. Quake and UT let you be no handed

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It's super early but I love everything that it's going for. As long as they iron out the kinks that are present I think it'll be something truly great. It looks beautiful, and when the AI doesn't break it works quite well. they will climb trees and surround you before you really know what's happening. The crafting is done nicely as well, tons to make with more on the way. I'm really likeing the survivalist feeling this while game has. I think it's pretty ambitious, especially for a small studio... but I couldn't be more excited to watch/play this project as it grows. They even have a countdown timer on the main menu to tell you when the next patch will be released.

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i was going to suggest CS, but if you don't like passivity you'll be screwed. Sometimes its best to play passive.