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So he wants to take a genre that is not MMO friendly as proven time and time again.  Below is a list of MMOs that have tried. How many of these are you currently playing, and will keep playing for as long as you have played Call of Duty 4.  These are the list of shooters that have a traditional subscription model. 
Tabula Rasa (trick question, its closed)  
PlanetSide (6 servers are merged down to 1 because of low population and interest) 
APB (Lag-tastic and full of unbalance, paid subscription is optional)  
GlobalAgenda (no longer counts, subscription model was abandoned)
With a little extra research I found.  
NeoCron (not a clue its status, is it even still running? Was it subscription based?)  

I didn't waste time to list CrimeCraft or other free FPS.  
GlobalAgenda (no longer counts, subscription model was abandoned)         

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Dude! That statue is full of goodness. I can just see some twisted demonic metal creation about to be split in two.  
Lot the guts spill out, and the blood flow.

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SWEET. Give into the angry voices!

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Thanks for doing this guys. I really think it is great to perserve the end of a MMO.

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OMG. I wish I could make it. Why is this not in Arizona! Have fun guys, and have a drink for me!

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Dude, I am going to print my business cards on Toliet Paper from other places.... (hopefully not used)

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Crazy Cool!

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What! that was a crazy commercial. So bought it!

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I really don't want to be a big daddy...

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There is truthiness in what you say sir.

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