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#1 Posted by kiapurity (24 posts) -

This is one of those moments when I'm suddenly really glad that I'm deaf.

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I finally got my missing envelopes. I just saw the tumblr post from CAH guys who said that there's definitely a puzzle and that the cipher does explain it-- that it's still the damn envelopes.

(And that no one's solved it yet so far)

#3 Posted by kiapurity (24 posts) -

@chtasm: I did eventually get 8. 9-10 are still missing.

And what's this about phone numbers? Damn it, CAH. I can't even do anything with phone numbers!

#4 Posted by kiapurity (24 posts) -

I don't think I'm going to get 8-10. Nothing in the mail-- I'm scared that they may have been lost :(

#5 Posted by kiapurity (24 posts) -

... okay, mail. Made a giant leap from 7 to 11 and 12 today.

Obviously missing 8-10. I give up on understanding post office forever

#6 Edited by kiapurity (24 posts) -

...didn't get anything yesterday (weird) but did get 7 today. I have been kind of getting mine in order (just that 2 and 3 were randomly switched.)

Looking at the envelope for 7, I'm just kind of at a loss.

#7 Edited by kiapurity (24 posts) -

5th envelope today. More CAH cards, hooray!

I'm inclined to agree with @jay_ray because ... uhhhh I have nothing to go on with.

#8 Posted by kiapurity (24 posts) -

... I got the day four envelope.

....I think the mini card game within it is actually making me uncomfortable, I just want more CAH cards, ha ha ha.

#9 Edited by kiapurity (24 posts) -

I couldn't find my black light thingy -- go figure, I always lose it when I really need it.

Either way, I didn't get my fourth envelope today. Damn it. Maybe it'll show up with the fifth tomorrow.

#10 Posted by kiapurity (24 posts) -

@ajkent: Same for me. I'm highly amused by the coal, however.

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