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its rubbish, why do sony always take one step forward and ten backwards

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Hell no, the story is always weak on these games I dont think a series will be good at all. best online game play though by far

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This guy is A Ledgend!!!

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@Enigma777: Your rant is almost spot on about how good the Vita is. the layout settings were shit "friends" and "messaging" on two diffent folder pages why not on the same one :S yeh can't believe the Vita turned out this bad and seemed like it took every bad idea and thought this could work

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I have played Bf3 on the ps3 for a while now all modes apart from conquest give me expierence at the end of it.

after i complete conquest and gain XP it dissapears as I quit after the match is over. now i have tried going striaght into another game after i got XP then quit and still it made my XP vanish.

if anyone has any idea what is going on would be helpful cheers

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If capcom keeps doing this i doubt i'll buy their games till it is fixed. i'll just play something else.

To put it short if we all didn't buy their games, it would put immense pressure on capcom to amend their mistakes and if they havent fixed anything (with dlc), or we still have to pay for stuff we have the right for! . then we should not play their games untill they bring the on game dlc out for free. if capcom wants us as customers then treat us like customers not push overs!

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I am wanting to buy Dungeon hunter alliance on the PSN and i have stoped because there is:

Dungeon hunter trial - dungeon hunter full game upgrade

dungeon hunter full game

both the same price, i want to know cause i have the trial and if i bought the full game insted would i have to re-download that game?

and game sharing i know with trail game upgrades you can share online games, but i dont know with just buying the full game complete.

thankyou to anyone who answers

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I know x box has the facebook app that allows to add FB friends to their account, is the a way playstation can do the same?

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I have downloaded the facebook app the my x box and tryed loggin on but says "e mail or password is wrong" so it will not let me on. my parnter who has accessed facebook on my console didn't have any problems. What i don't get is my e mail and password work for facebooks main website but not for this. i contacted x box live staff and they said there was no problem with the app. and maybe i should try restoring settings to my facebook (switch summits). i don't know what part to look at with facebok these days its getting to complex for simple settings.

any1 can help i would be grateful.

if i get the app to work will be easier to add my friends,etc

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spent a few skill points i think don't really do anything

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