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  • Chopped David's leg off though I tried for the chain first.
  • Gave food to Mark 'cause he's nice and said he was feeling weak. Duck and Clem 'cause it'd be dickish to give some to one kid and not the other. Gave apple to Carley.
  • Didn't shoot Jolene because I wanted to learn more about what was going on.
  • Warned Clementine, but probably should've said up front that Mark was upstairs legless so everyone would've got the hint sooner.
  • Sided with Kenny to kill Larry but feel like I should've waited so that Clem would be less upset if I killed a zombie instead (though not sure what the outcome was going to be.
  • Killed the first brother 'cause he pissed me off, but instantly felt regret when Clem saw. Let the second one go 'cause I was feeling guilty.
  • Took the supplies even though I knew Clem would be upset at me 'cause had to be pragmatic.

Man what a ride. I don't think I've ever played a game with decisions that left me feeling so conflicted all the time. Can't wait for more.

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"Basic" ramen at Minca, plain bagel with cream cheese, fresh lox, tomato and onion at Ess-a-Bagel, slice of pizza at Joe's, falafel at Mamoun's.five dumplings for $1 here, a banh mi at Saigon, curry at GoGo Curry.

I should probably eat dinner now.

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I missed the introductions, who are the guests on the bombcast now? Jeff Green, Brad Muir and two more...?

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@Grimmrobe said:

Shave and a haircut.....

I still think this whenever I knock like that.

Also I don't know how many years after seeing this as a kid that I finally knew what a prostate was. That line makes me laugh whenever I think about it now.

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I got it off the Steam sale. I enjoyed it overall but felt like they had a lot of cool game mechanics that weren't fully taken advantage of. There are a lot of physics based abilities, but I felt like with the variety of mechanics there was more potential for some puzzles that could be really satisfying to figure out. But as it is the game is pretty well paced, enjoyable and can be beaten in one sitting. I was a little surprised by how much story there was because frankly I didn't think there'd be much at all. Also some of the environments are pretty cool to look at.

The shooting could've been better or I wish the non-gun abilities were the core of how you'd fight enemies because the gun felt like it made things too easy in some ways.

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YES, play it! Brotherhood had a terrible ad campaign because people came out of it thinking that it wasn't a proper sequel. It's definitely a proper sequel and ESSENTIAL to the main storyline.

Then Revelations came out and people started flipping thinking "Oh man THIS is gonna be the REAL sequel." But Revelations ended up being the forgettable game that people thought Brotherhood was going to be.


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@a55b0t: Ah I didn't know that, I thought I had to unlock them during the game if I wanted to play them later. Already beat it now so later playthroughs I won't bother going into them.

I think the gory deaths are great, but have mixed feelings about how the cuteness works for and against the game. I think the contradiction of cute and gore is kind of awesome, but during the cutscenes Zero seems so cute and innocent that it's weird. Playing through trying to kill as few people as possible felt like the best interpretation of the character for me.

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I played this all yesterday but gave up after spending forever on the last boss. Beat him in probably ten minutes this morning, typical.

Anyway I loved the game and would've gladly paid $15 for it, but being only $10 made it that much sweeter. The special powers are a lot of fun to use and I like the stealth and puzzle aspects to it. The top down perspective makes it reminiscent of classic Metal Gear Solid, and some of the puzzles are a little Portal-like in their execution. The game is structurally Metroid-like because more areas unlock as you gain new powers and give you access to more secret areas. Two types of collectibles, one of which is the in-game currency you use to upgrade your powers.

Some of the boss battles could be rather frustrating and I died A LOT but they fit nicely with the newly introduced mechanics. My first playthrough I was as pacifist as possible, which I'm glad that I did because now that I'm going through exploding everyone it's not as challenging (but exploding guys is a TON of fun).

My only criticisms are the occasional framerate issues and the challenge room unlocking ruins the pace of the game because you're forced to try each of them at least once when you discover/unlock them in game. Would've preferred the ability to save them for later.

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Thanks for this video! I've always wondered about shadows in games. To someone like me who knows virtually nothing about programming and 3D graphics it's very interesting to learn about something we've all seen but only a few understand.

It would be a lot of work, but a video explaining how shadows are handled in different games would be incredibly interesting. I'd even love just an article explaining the difference between these shadows, Doom 3's shadows etc. Also my mind suddenly explodes thinking of a game like Uncharted where you're walking through a jungle full of shadows!

Or if you know of articles online that have already been written that you can recommend that works too. Thanks again!

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Yep, I'm so in for this! Uncharted and Assassin's Creed are what I use get my multiplayer fix.

Despite the fervent criticism of the beta, I've been enjoying the multiplayer and look forward to playing a lot of it over the next year. God damn I can't wait to get my hands on that co-op.

Oh yeah and the single player I'm more than a little bit totally balls out of my mind excited for.