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Whoo hoo! I can't wait to try it again. I remember getting pretty ok with the G-MAL in the first beta but lately I've been terrible. I wonder if this update restores what it was like before. And as much as I sometimes end up abusing blindfire/melee I'm glad to see these changes to tone it down because even I was getting tired of seeing nothing but blindfire from all sides. I at least hope to aspire to expanding my method of play.

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A and B all the time, but C sometimes when someone is in a high enclosed sniping point.

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I think Yemen might be my favorite map actually. There're definitely more sniper points in this map than any other, but there are a lot of underground passages that let you get up behind those points. Not to mention that you're super vulnerable when climbing the ladders. Also the zip lines are a lot of fun to shoot or throw grenades from and give ample opportunity to get the Yippee Kay Yay medal. I think this map is a nice mix of open area and also tight corridors.

Adventure mode is rather short, but if the segment with sniper pistols is indicative of some stuff in single player then I'm super stoked to see what they do. Elena's hair does look oddly gray and also it looks like her facial features are a bit harder than before, but we'll have to wait until it's released to see how much they changed if any.

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Naughty Dog posted full patch notes here. Some highlights are:

  • Plunder mode is back in.
  • No Power Plays after 40 kills have been reached
  • Minimum time between Power plays increased from 30 sec to 60 sec.
  • Can't stack up kickback medals when your kickback is already available
  • Uncharted TV can be turned off (good for people with bandwidth caps or people like me trying to avoid trailers)
  • Icon notification when your buddy wants to high five (don't leave me hanging!)

I think it's fun seeing them patch the beta and the thought processes they're going through to make the game better. It makes me feel like I'm contributing to a game I'm really looking forward to :)

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Co-op is the way to go because if you finish the game you can usually get at least $10,000. I've got as much as $30,000 with enough medals. I noticed a high level player would grind kills during gold rush because I think they infinitely spawn until the treasure is in the chest. But I thought that was pretty annoying because he wasn't helping me and the other guy finish the mission. Also, that meant there was less time to finish all ten rounds which has another bonus to it.

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I'm nearly level 32 and I've seen as high as 37. At level 32 I'll have 1,910,000 total O_O I saw some high level guys who I could tell were grinding in co-op mode because I think during the Gold Rush part of co-op the guys will spawn infinitely as long as the treasure isn't in the box. But that means you're not helping your teammates which is kind of dickish :P

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I'm nearly at level 32 and I have the majority of the treasures, but still missing several pieces of sets and others it seem are multiplayer mode specific in order to get. I really like collecting the treasures (and make a beeline whenever I see them pop up). They're nice as a long term goal and even though things unlock only on occasion, seeing the new treasure you got is kind of a reward unto itself.

Also, it's not like you end up getting the same treasure over and over again. As far as I can tell you get a medal for collecting treasures no matter what, and sometimes you have a new treasure or a temporary booster.

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Very nice article, I'd be interested in a followup after he plays L.A. Noire. Though one thing, of all the pseudonyms to pick, did you have to go with Jeff? O_O

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Glad everyone liked the video, it was a lot of fun to make! I think my favorite find was Brad doing his nod during "The clock's ticking." Also something I didn't notice until making the video is that Ryan by far seems to make the most silly faces during event videos.

@jonc151: Hahahaha, that is totally awesome. PengWill makes everything better.