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My contribution. I partially modeled this Giant Bomb tribute trailer after the Forza 4 trailer. Good thing I don't have a bandwidth cap 'cause I would've annihilated it downloading all that footage O_O

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WHOO HOO! Wait, there's cosplaying in Animal Crossing now, or am I just out of touch?

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I enjoyed the demo overall. I agree that it's weird that Cole's default moving speed is a run. It's annoying to always be holding a button to have to run in other games, but being able to have better control over moving speed is nice. I love the ability to throw cars, I think I played with that ability the most. The melee is pretty fun, but it might be a little irritating if every single melee encounter ends in slow motion, I usually like slow motion when it only happens every now and then kind of like in Enslaved.

Characters look a million times better, but random NPCs still look a little plasticky. I think Cole looks fine (even if he seems very Jason Statham inspired). I think his voice sounds like a young person trying to be Colonel Tigh from Battlestar Galactica.

My problems with the first Infamous were mainly my lack of interest in the characters and story, so I think I won't put Infamous 2 as a high priority on my list. The game still plays very well, and the vertical boost from the gliding ability is a nice addition. Getting up buildings is still something of a pain though.

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I was really glad that getting the Marks revealed the treasure chests on the map, but it was a little bit annoying to have to go to each screen with no teleporter in order to see if there were any Marks there that I had missed. Took me a few extra hours after beating the game to get everything but managed to do it okay without a FAQ.

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I don't look at the short length as a bad thing. The story and gameplay is fun enough that I'd want to revisit it for a marathon session. Kind of like how I replay Uncharted 2 every now and then because I enjoy the experience so much. Very different game genres, but the sentiment for me is similar.

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I enjoy the gameplay and the sense of humor, but for me the difficulty ramped up too quickly. I finally managed to get  the 70X multiplier achievement, but still died otherwise I probably would've got a crazy score during that run. The levels after 4 are different but so far pretty punishing for me. I'm stuck on the level after the first boss battle, but I can barely break 1,000,000 let alone 1,500,000. Right now I'm feeling that the game is more of an 800 point game than 1200. Right now I'm just replaying earlier levels out of frustration at not being able to advance :/

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@Sasran said:
Then I get to the area where you get stasis and I totally fuck up at shooting the frozen necromorph, he thaws and then dashes. Before I can say "Holy fuck!" I am dead on the ground. One hit. Full-to-mostly-full health   
Actually this one hit death happened to me playing on normal mode with basically full health, so I think the game tweaks this guy's damage just to make sure you use stasis or something.
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Keeping the Faith is a really great screwball romantic comedy. 

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So has anyone else tried out that new Tetris by EA on PSN? I ended up downloading it yesterday and playing for over an hour and a half. What sold me were the remixes of the original music which I haven't had in any Tetris I've bought since the original Gameboy Tetris. It's still "broken Tetris" but that's just something I realize I have to live with. 
I tried all the different modes, some I can see revisiting and others like "treadmill" and "split" have a learning curve I'm not sure I feel like going through. But the online support and ranking level up system will probably keep me hooked for a long time. I just wish that "next piece" window was at the bottom of the screen instead of the top. I don't know about anyone else, but my eyes are on the bottom all the time. Also, getting to 4-player online battle mode, the windows get kind of squinty small even on a large TV. 
The presentation looks very slick and I like the sound effects and the Playstation controller feels a lot better in the hands for extended periods of time than the DS so sufficient to say I'm hooked!

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Oh man I'd love a Puzzle Quest-like Tetris game. I have no idea how such a game would be structured, but I like playing straight Tetris, so even just having some level up mechanic added would make me interested. I don't need an excuse to play Tetris, but any kind of motivator other than score would be great.