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Could just be me, but I thought the 360 version looked a a tinge greener and PS3 bluer. That could also be on purpose because of the system's signature colors. Other than that though, I didn't have any framerate issues on either systems. The deciding factor for me is I played Dead Space Ignition on PS3 so it'd be a waste to go 360. Other than that though it's just controller difference since the PS3's analogs move easier than the 360's so movements are more sudden.   
A few changes I noticed from the first game are more blood when stomping (and also persistent stomping when you mash the button). Also Isaac had a potty mouth in this one because he yells "FUCK! MOTHER FUCKER!" if you keep mashing that stomp. Dunno, it feels weird to hear for me. I understand the guy has gone through a lot, but I'll probably limit my stomping. 
Also cartridges come out of the guns now when you reload and the plasma gun has a cool explosive secondary attack. Javelin gun is lots of fun to use with one shot kills on weaker necromorphs. And you can run backwards now, but could you do that in the first game too?

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@temmink said:
" I'm confused, they were definately playing with an Xbox 360 controller, I assume it's running of a PS3 devkit but surely that has PS3 controllers.... Conspiracy!  
 It was a white PS3 controller, so no conspiracy ^_^. 
I'm super stoked about the new melee attacks and the air attack. I liked trying my best to stealth kill as many guys as possible in UC2 so I'm hoping they give more options to help do that. Can't freggin' wait!
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Thanks for the informative post! Sounds similar but more organized than the last place that I worked at :P

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I just beat this and wrote up a review. Took me almost two hours, but would've finished a lot faster had the tutorial been a bit clearer about Hardware Crack. It took me a long time to realize the lasers had to hit from a specific side :P  
I liked Hardware Crack best because it was kind of like a Professor Layton puzzle. Trace Route was okay, but actually got easier as the game went on, and System Overload I basically beat by spamming units without putting much thought into it.  
Hopefully the hacking suit is cool in Dead Space 2.

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The exterior of the Shadow Broker's ship was awesome. I still have to go back and finish reading all the dossiers (it was almost 3 AM when I finished :P )  
My Shepard might be a Paragon, but he's kind of a slut. Miranda and Liara are probably going to be real confused come ME3. I wonder what the different iterations are of that one bit of dialogue where Liara mentions being interested in (for me it was "Ms. Lawson's low cut jumpsuit").  I wonder what the dialogues are and if that line even exists if you haven't completed a romance with someone. Would be pretty awesome if she got even more hurt if you're with Tali considering they know each other.

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 I made a trailer for Metal Gear Solid 4!  

I was laid off recently which means I've been mostly catching up on games, but this last week I decided to be productive and made this trailer. 

I’m a pretty big Metal Gear Solid fan (I only say “pretty big” because I still haven’t played the first T_T), and seeing as MGS4 is the most cinematic of the bunch with awesome set piece moments and great production values I couldn’t not do this. MGS also has a great soundtrack so it was inevitable.

Luckily a couple people on the internet had uploaded torrents of nearly all the cutscenes. I started downloading them both. It was a good thing too because one batch didn’t have as much as the other, but unfortunately the more thorough one had subtitles turned on T_T That meant I had to mix and match the footage.

Next up I converted audio from selected clips and then took out all the usable dialogue. Some of it had music or sound effects under it so I tried to keep my use of those to a minimum. Unfortunately there are a few here and there which if you’re paying attention have extra background noise. I then went through the MGS4 soundtrack for the best music for the trailer. In the finished piece I ended up using MGS2 and MGS3 music for the backend.

With the structure of the dialogue and music done it certainly sounded like a trailer, but picture editing of course would make it complete. This took a lot longer because I had to go through all the files only converting what I needed, and oftentimes going back and forth between editing and converting, then realizing there’s more footage I could’ve used so I’d convert some more.

Picture editing took a while, but the trailer really started to get its rhythm and shape once I started putting scenes together. I think the backend was the most difficult because it had the least obvious shots to pick from whereas the beginning is very story oriented. I ended up doing a cast montage which are always fun to edit because I like picking cast ID shots. The structure of the trailer definitely shifted around a lot here. I admit there’re a couple things I’m not completely satisfied with, but I just wanted it to be done because I’m terribly impatient about showing stuff I’ve been working on.

After I finished picture editing I went back and fixed the sound mix with the dialogue and music and added sound effects where needed. Going into the process of adding sound effects seemed kind of irritating, but very quickly I remembered how much I love adding sound effects.

When sound was done I made the graphics in After Effects. Anna’s one bit of feedback was to add the character names for the non-Metal Gear Solid fans who might be watching it.

So that’s it really. I hope you like the trailer whether you’re a die hard MGS fan or have never played a single MGS game in your life!

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I played a bit of 2 player co-op and it's pretty fun, but actually pretty hard so far. My only gripe would be that the fact your character can't move in the slightest as you attack makes it feel a bit sticky. I feel like the movement and hit detection should be more like a Castle Crashers or Final Fight, but there are times I'm right on top of a guy or on a plane slightly above or below him and I don't hit. Animation and art is great though.

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I'm excited for this because I love all Metroid games, but I have a feeling that it'll play like Metroid fan service that will take priority over traditional Metroid elements. Also I think I'll be dying for an analog stick, but still cautiously optimistic!

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Computer games are your best entertainment dollar value. Go buy some computer games RIGHT NOW especially the funny LucasArts ones!