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Why is everyone so hostile over this?

The Unity embargoe was slightly dumb but now Ubisoft is the Devil? I don't see anything wrong with this and it benefits the consumer. How many times have we seen games get good reviews only to have the online be broken as soon as it goes live.

It is because most of these people already dislike Ubisoft for one reason or another, and most other people have nothing to say about this topic. So kinda neutral news like this will always attract negative comments because people aren't going to chime in and say "I have no strong feelings about this news".

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Can't apply to the club, says it is pending too many requests and it says it only has 1 member. Maybe time to actually approve people to join?

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@df said:

1) don't give player a choice when there isn't one: can you choose to not pay respect? no, then guide player through this instead of letting them do it.

Making them do it, not letting them do it. There is something to be gained by forcing actions on the player. Dead Space 2 did it in a gruesome way, Brothers did it in a very emotionally heavy way. There is something to be said about forcing the hand of the player and making them play something out, I don't think this is a good example of it but I will defend it conceptually.

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The simple fix to make it a more meaningful moment is to just give some sort of choice. Press x, y, a, or b to pay respects in different ways, decline paying respects, walk away, cry, any number of different things that you could choose from. It seems such a simple thing, not a choice that would change the preset narrative but something that would make that moment more for the player.

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I made a few over the course of the streams. Sorry they are kinda big.

Lang shooting Patrick in the back.

Spelunky Deathmatch on the Iron Galaxy stream.

Samantha rocking out.

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This have already been said in another thread but here we go again. First I would like to applaud her for her bravery to go on msnbc to talk about this because this will now get MUCH worst, for her and every single person involve in the middle of this. Talking/giving any attention to trolls/criminals/radicals do not work. I am sure the people being threaten have already got the authority involve and that is pretty much all you can do that is actually effective.

Trolls LOVES any and all attention, the more we talk about how despicable they are and how terrible they have made people's lives. You might as well send them food because they live off of that. If you dont believe me go on the extremist board. I am talking about 4chan/reddit (thats the crazy GG circle jerk) or neogaf (thats the crazy anti-GG circle jerk) and read how much fun the extremist from both side are actually having from this thing. While any sane people shake our collective heads and get the authority involve, those guys are busy planing doxx operations and yelling into their own respective echo chamber.

You want to clean up the community? STOP GIVING BOTH OF THOSE EXTREMIST GROUP A VOICE. And no, I will not support either side after having read comments from both parties, the only thing people should be against is harassment not censorship and the only thing everyone should root for is fair treatment for all not vengeance for all oppositions. Then we can talk about ethics or cleaning up sexism or w/e and btw we as a race actually have LAWS and CONSEQUENCES for killing people and a lot of assholes still do it. You people actually think that talking down to people sternly/denouncing these actions/calling it out, is going to stop harassment? Hell even if we manage to bring some of these assholes to court it still won't stop it completely.

Do not engage the troll, get the authority involve if you are harass (and pray you get the assholes) and get the fuck off social media. And I mean everyone to get off twitter btw not just women. I mean can you have a meaningful dialog with someone holding a megaphone in front of millions of people that are all also holding a megaphone and are just foaming at the mouth to chimp in with snide remark? Social media is that, 0 nuance and 100% theatrics. I wish Brianna Wu the best and I hope the authorities get every single one from both sides involve in harassment.

While its up for debate how to deal with these sorts of people. There has been research done lately into the sorts of people who commit these acts of harassment, and findings seem to point towards them not even caring if they get attention, just the act of harassing is what they enjoy. So "don't feed the trolls" may actually not be a viable way to get rid of them.

for reference

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If people who support GG wish to not be lumped with the worst aspects of that hashtag (id say movement but its a hashtag really), they need to understand that just saying things like "Not all GG supporters..." is not going to do much of anything. If they wish to not have these people associated with them, they need to ditch them and the term. Start something else named something else and join in heavily decrying these terrible people.

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Man now all I want is Genki Rockets on late night tv, and I want them to tell the story of Lumi.

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Apple is also the only 64 bit chip on the mobile space right now too. I can't really say how much that matters, but they are the only ones that have it so far.

For end users, it doesn't matter.

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Since the hardware iterates every year and is usually only very incremental upgrades, I'd prefer if news on mobile (outside of individual games) focused on the iOS and Android etc platforms not the hardware.

Also I'd just like to say that people who take this opportunity to slam or complain about anti-apple or anti-phone people are just as bad as those they complain about and just perpetuate the whole thing. Please cool it a bit so people can try and actually discuss instead of just slam each other.