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This race makes Horner and Red Bull look even worse, Ferrari closed the gap so the comments about reigning Mercedes don't fly.... and beat by both Toro Rosso cars. Yikes.

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I'm sad they didn't show more of Kimi on the feed because his comeback to 4th is insane.

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With how well Kimi did to come all the way back to 4th, can Ferrari even be competition for the constructors? This is great.

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Maclaren :(

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All I can think of now is the press conference after qualifying where Rosberg said he would welcome more competition and Vettel jokingly called his bluff. So crazy its actually happening now.

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@sessh: Ah. Must have missed that, ducked out to grab a drink during the safety.

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Lotus having a real rough day. They were way better than this in practice and qualifying.... I know maldonado had a puncture but that was before the safety car. Whats up with them?

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This is only the 5th race I've watched but even I can tell this is pretty great so far.

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It is real dumb that the camera controls are so fast and have that nasty motion blur on them. It doesn't make me sick at all so your mileage may vary. It generally just doesn't make manually controlling the camera very useful, which for the most part is fine because its a PSP port that didn't originally have a second stick for camera controls so it has an aggressive follow camera and relies on locking onto enemies. My recommendation is to just let the camera control itself 90% of the time especially in battles using the lock-on and it won't be a big issue.

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I think its the easiest of the 3, and i played them in order of release. Totally people will find a different game more difficult than the others, but none of the are WAY harder than the others.... they are all pretty comparable in difficulty I think.