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Honestly I loved the P.T. teaser but I fear for the whole game.

Neither Guillermo del Toro nor Hideo Kojima are particularly skilful at handling subtlety or character depth, and even with as much fucked up shit that goes on in Silent Hill (particularly 2 which I think is probably the best one), the handling of emotional / psychological topics is surprisingly mature and smart, which pushed the games beyond other similar experiences in he genre.

the team seems to have the suspense building down ( probably the scariest first hour I've experienced in any game ), but I just hope they can deliver in the narrative depth area.

Really? I always think of 2 as the least scary, most tame entry in the series. I think there's a scene toward the very end of 3 that I couldn't even believe I was seeing. ( Mouth aborting a god in the middle of a church ).

I think 2 was the first entry into the series for a lot of people, and maybe that's why it's held in such high regard. I was completely disappointed by it. It did away with the cult, there was only one area that was scary, and the story felt so boiler plate to me at the time.

Narrative depth doesn't matter a whole lot to me when it comes to horror. The most effective horror I've encountered is the kind where you finish the piece (game, book, movie) and have no idea what just happened. You know there's a logic to it, but it's alien to you.

You seem to have a great idea of why people like 2 the most and why you don't. People love the narrative depth of its story, sets it above normal horror tropes of which stuff like the cult story are full of. You obviously don't. No need to speculate that its peoples first game in the series (i started from 1) or some nostalgia glasses thing, not everyone judges them all based on which was the scariest (probably 3 IMO).

I am a bit confused how you think 2 had a boilerplate story though, it is extremely unique to this day and the most unique in the series.

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We don't even know how involved Kojima is with this project, these days he seems more like a name + producer role guy for other franchises.... maybe for marketing reasons maybe because no one else at Konami can ensure quality. At this point I really doubt he is heading up this project, probably just a producer.

Also don't forget that a number of high profile Silent Hill 1-4 people joined Kojima Productions after Team Silent dissolved including: Kazuhide Nakazawa (director of Silent Hill 3), and Suguru Murakoshi (Drama Director Silent Hill 2, Director and Scenario Writer Silent Hill 4).

I do really hope Akira Yamaoka is involved in some way though.

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SO.. it may be a crazy concept.. but to me.. a journalist is someone with a journalism degree... not the grace of god.

What if they are not working as a journalist? And what if somebody gets a job as a journalist without having a journalism degree (maybe not even something like a journalism degree)?

Technically, in the public view, that sort of job is just in the fringe. IE: a person can be a writer without formally studying literature. An artist can paint without ever having received formal arts education and still be considered an artist. Particularly in this case, I'd say the person in question is working in journalism without being a Journalist.

I guess it's a social prejudice: That arts don't require professional training and may respond more to talent. While it is only understandable if you are talking about lawyers or doctors, it is accepted that those professions ONLY respond to advanced technical training.

I personally mean no offense to anyone, but I try to keep it to the basics. If someone works in something without training, they DO that. While someone with professional training on something, IS that.

The problem I have with this viewpoint is that doing something IS training for that thing. At some point someone who has been doing journalism for years (despite any previous training) has accrued experience and training on the job that is at LEAST equal to prior training. There are tons of ways to learn, I think the viewpoint you are using here holds a single form up as the end all be all.

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HipHopGamer is a cool guy.

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atlus has plastered persona on so many games in all sorts of variations across genres that it diluted the cachet the name once held for me.

1 generally well liked fighting game and 1 not out yet rhythm game is plastering across genres?

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I think in the current climate the only AAA JRPGs out there are Final Fantasy and probably Dragon Quest and Monster Hunter. Things like Persona (or SMT games in general) are part of that shrinking (in the west especially) AA area where they have good budgets and good sales but are clearly working within major limits of their time and money.

Now, I think this isn't so much that JRPG budgets have shrunk with the years more that AAA budgets left almost all them behind since the ps3/360 generation. AAA grew to mean larger productions and JRPGs mostly stayed inside the budget constraints of the PS2 era. Which is why a lot of them moved to DS/3DS/PSP/VITA where their budgets could generally match them up with the top of the line games.

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Dan and his dad RE4 endurance run.

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What can we do? Lots has been said over the last day about certain community members (or maybe community members I dunno its real hard to figure out) going out and spewing hatred at anyone who dares question the actions of GB, lost in that is what I think is a majority of people on this site that find those acts to be absolutely deplorable and don't want that to represent our community.

But what can/do we do as members to squash those people and their connection to the site? I am at a real loss here as to what can be done to show that a majority of us aren't like that.

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They are getting back all the old Gamespot crew and are going to rebrand as "The Original Gamespot."

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The internet game people play of needing to have the first opinion about something is always fascinating to see play out. I'll admit that I am as interested as anyone about who the hires will be because its exciting when that happens for such a small team like GB, but opinions about those hires should probably wait at least months after the hires have been there and showing their work.

Maybe because most of GB is video and personality driven, threads about things like this take on the air of a tv show discussion where everyone wants to be the first to point out exactly where it jumped the shark. Always seems to me to just get in the way of enjoying something while its good.