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@awkwardloser: because Sony had so very little security, it shouldn't have happened in the first place

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Was I the only one who didn't particularly like Hanks shirt in this episode? Now clothing is very subjective and I'm not one to talk but this shirt really didn't sit well with me.

It was used more to symbolise the colour in my opinion. You see Hank wearing purple (normally Marie's colour, purple is a symbol of naivety on this show) and Marie wearing black (traditionally symbolises death , of her and Skyler's relationship? I dunno) but in this show can also symbolise criminality) when they go to the Mexican restaurant. Hank was very naive to think Walt would either give up/slip up and the icing on the cake is the "confession". I'm sure when Hank received it he thought maybe Walt had thrown in the towel, but oh how wrong he was.

I'm preeetty sure the purple was meant to show that Hank had joined the Third Street Saints and that everything Walt had said in the video was true. Hank is a drug kingpin in Steelport.

Guys, it's clear that Hank is now part of the Ballers, and Walt's green shirt symbolized he was in grove street....home...

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Why would they make it $20 coupled with the fact there isn't 100% of the content in here from Consoles/PC? Nutty man.

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With a game like this that puts storytelling as priority as much as gameplay, I'd always go with Normal. Even if it's a little bit too easy, at least you're not stuck at one annoying/BS part and ruining your enjoyment of the narrative. You have your whole life to play it again on Hard if you wished to do so.

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Oddly this is the first time I have been legitimately excited to play a game. I don't want to have the experience marred for me if the Quick Look spoils anything. I am waiting for my copy to arrive in the mail tonight. Do you guys think I would be okay to watch the Quick Look, or just hold off until I play the game?

Patrick says to play it on a harder setting. Says on normal he had a lot of supplies left at the end.

So far all that was really shown are the skills. They even cut away from the screen when he changes levels.

He also said that about Bioshock Infinite, yet I found normal to be the perfect 'first' difficulty cause I didn't need to worry too much about the lackluster combat and enjoy the story. So.

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My problem with it was eventually it just kinda stopped being a Video Game movie about halfway through. Sure, it kept up the facade of it, but eventually it was just a movie about a fantasy land with racing in it. I would love it maybe if they got Video Game companies way more involved and make the video game stuff way more interwoven within the narrative. Make stuff like Zangief a more prominent character, he's ripe for more screen time and chemistry with Ralph maybe. Imagine if he was like the final boss and he used his SF2 moves, and other fighting game characters came in out of nowhere to help or something?

This is basically just fanfic dreams though, chances of that kinda stuff happening are depressingly low. Still a great movie though. Ralph 'wrecking' the cart had me in legit tears.

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"Favourite game this year so far"? Really? A little indie platformer? I dunno man...seems like the kinda thing that would get repetitive towards the end and make me lose interest, unless they pull something spectacular level design wise.

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If your little YouTube channel that you use for game reviewing has 'Angry' or something similar in the title, I automatically don't give a shit. It's stupid. It's meant to pander to the human's curiosity to see someone scream, shout and curse like Let's Players (Pewdiepie). Now, maybe this guy doesn't do that, I don't know, I'm not gonna watch it, but the fact he has it in the title means he wants to grab that curious audience and NO man. nO.

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...what? How is Rorie going to write Patrick's articles?

He doesn't mean that, Patrick will be writing Patrick's articles. I don't know what you mean by "Fill in Patrick's onsite presence OP, he's not going to suddenly start acting like Patrick or w/e, but he might be on camera a lot, sure.

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Here we go with everyone saying "FUCKING CALLED IT, GO ME, IM SO SMART". I genuinely believed Hayter wasn't coming back. I figured that because Big Boss is in between 'Hayter' voice phase and 'MGS4 voice' phase, that they wanted to do things a little differently. But w/e.