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I'll play both of them, but I'm not getting either until they are done, felt really burned paying full price for both The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead: Season Two then seeing them both going for 75% off before their seasons had even finished.

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The only place I ever play mine is on the plane/airport.

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It's great.

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When/how did you guys receive your keys?

I backed it on kickstarter and I still don't have a key.

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Sometimes you can change the DNS server in your network settings,

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I came to the realization a few months ago that Tarantino has now made more movie I dislike than those I think are amazing; Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, and Reservoir Dogs are all amazing.

I also love Death Proof; that may be the gearhead in me talking, I realize the story isn't that great but I think that film is a collection of amazing scenes.

My favourite thing he's been involved with was True Romance, that movie was amazing and I think it's aged better than Pulp Fiction.

Jackie Brown was his best soundtrack by far and I like all of them.

Not sure how much he contributed to Natural Born Killers but that one was also great, though it's aged poorly.

Everything else he has done, basically everything from the last 15 years excluding Deathproof has not been to my taste at all; Mostly boring with random spurts of violence.

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Never too late to get started...

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@transitional: I think you are missing what is crazy about all this, Jeff doesn't dwell on the games he dislikes; he offers his thoughts then he gets on with his life.

You've posted nothing on these forums other than hate for this one particular game; for over two years this has been your only agenda; that is what makes this crazy.