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The CPU comes with a stock cooler, you certainly don't need an upgraded one for this build.

I think getting a dual core cpu at this point is a major mistake, quad cores have been standard for a long time now; take the money you were going to spend on the cpu cooler and get a better cpu.

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"wheel barrel balance issue"

He probably said wheel bearing, though that isn't something you balance and you wouldn't drive it very far if it was making audible noises and if it was the bearing it would always be loud, not just under braking.

Does it make the sound if you just slow down without braking, that power down sound makes me think its the transmission not shifting properly or something else in the drivetrain and the sound is just masked when you are on the gas and you only hear it when you are not on the gas.

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Don't get a SSD if you are trying to keep to any sort of budget, it's not that they are expensive, they aren't, but your money will almost always be better spent on upgrading other components (your cpu).

Get windows 8.1, it's better than 7 and it will last longer.

Windows doesn't natively support bluray movie playback, you'll need to acquire software to watch blurays on your pc, If I had known this 2 years ago I would not have bought a bluray drive.

You don't need a cpu cooler, it's the most difficult part of a build and it's really not necessary for regular gaming, I wouldn't bother with it for a first timer, get one on your next build or next upgrade.

I think you could get a less expensive power supply, though there is nothing wrong with the one you've picked, power supplies are the one part I find that you can get good sales on if you look around and bide your time.

I'd wait until you are ready to build and buy everything at once, when you build you don't want a situation where something you bought 4 months ago is the part that came doa and you have to convince some online retailer that you never used it; the only stuff I'd buy in advance would be anything on sale, start looking at power supplies now, between now and September you'll find a great deal.

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Sleeping Dogs, you have a good list of games, but Sleeping Dogs is the right place to start.

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