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Almost Famous

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Talk about games and that's it.

This wouldn't be a conversation if we hadn't been treated (and continue to be treated) like idiot children by the gaming press and are continually being berated and beaten over the head with an agenda that has nothing to do with why we are here in the first place.

This week's Idle Thumbs was the most ridiculous bullshit I've ever listened to in my life, not that they were wrong about anything, but the masturbatory nature of their holier than thou discussion was as bad as anything they were complaining about.

If shit like this, especially the conversation around it is fine, then everything that happened last week should have also been a fine topic of discussion, but it wasn't even allowed to happen and that's fucking bullshit.

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The only current show I'm interested in is Rick and Morty.


The only show in the OP I've even heard of is Bojack Horseman, which just came out and I thought the first two episodes where absolutely terrible, does it get better?

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With the release of Windows 8.1, Windows 8 is now capable of the same functionality that made windows 7 great while adding improved performance.

1. The first step is to make sure you have the 8.1 update, this isn't an auto update, the only way to get it is through the Windows 8 app store.

Now that you have the update, there are a few configurations that need to be done:

-right click on the task bar


-navigation tab

make sure you look like this

You now have a start menu that behaves basically the same way windows 7 did except it's full screen and you need to right click to get control panel/admin functions.

2. The next task is to get rid of windows 8 applications, this was/is the main issue with windows 8, these apps are garbage on a PC and are somewhat frustrating to get out of.

First step is to delete all windows 8 applications, there are 6 that you can't delete, Store, PC settings, Photos, Camera, Desktop, Onedrive

-Start menu, right click on each windows 8 application, (you should be able to identity them by the icons) uninstall.

3. Finally, set up new default programs, this will make sure you never get sent to any of the remaining windows 8 applications and repair all of the remaining defaults to proper desktop programs

-you'll find the default application program in the control panel, everything left in there other than Photos should be desktop apps, go through the list one by one and "set this program as default" for each one; you should probably start with your least used program and end with your most used program to ensure that the program you use most of the time is the default in case there are multiple programs capable of handling a particular task.

That's it, you have the best version of windows working the way you want it to.

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I haven't played since 2010.

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Every pre-release game I've ever played has been a disappointment, I don't do it at all any more.

Wait for it to come out proper, there are plenty of other games to hold you over till then.

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Another vote for Something Awful, well worth the price of admission.

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@czarpyotr said:

-The Order: 1886 (Color me excited about this one)

-Uncharted 4

-Tomb Raider (Timed exclusive, but the reboot was one of my favorite games that year)

These are the only only games I care about on your list and Wii U and PC both have better exclusive line ups in my opinion.

Microsoft lost it long before the XB1 was even announced as far as I'm concerned, 2012/2013 was really pathetic for the 360, especially when compared to what was going on with the PS3, PS3 finished very strong and PS4 is benefiting from that.

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Pre-ordered this for my PS4 because I figured there was no way this would ever hit PC, first time I've ever been pre-order suckered.