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an elaborate botnet to bilk advertisers is my guess

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You buy the parts from ncix and they will assemble it for you for $50.

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I listened to the podcast for quite awhile before I came to the actual site.

I signed up for the achievement tracking that used to be here.

I stayed for the forums.

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Every time I see a balding unshaven white guy I think of Vinny.

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Save our Sailors; I signed an online petition to get Sailor Moon put back on TV; to my dismay it was the first thing that popped up when you search for my name for a very long time.

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I've made it this far, may as well see it to the end

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I'm really looking forward to this game, kind of hoping it's something they were able to take a chance on and do some interesting things with now that the license isn't as big as it was.

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I liked brink, It looked great and played well, the only real problem I had with it was nobody was playing it so you really couldn't complete the objectives.

I think at this point you may as well wait for Dirty Bomb, seems like it will be very similar.

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I pay 10 dollars, if there aren't 10 dollars worth of games in there to me I won't buy it at all.

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Preacher - Great story and characters in the most fucked up situations you could imagine

The Walking Dead - If you like the show or Telltale games, this is more of that but better

Stray Bullets - Some amazing one shot stories that start weaving together the further in you get

The Dark Knight Returns - I'm not really into Batman, but this is great

Batman Year One - Seriously, not really a Batman fan, but this is one of the best tellings of an origin story

Sin City - the movies are a mess, the comics tell a cohesive story that is quite good.

Parasyte - I don't really read manga, but this is great, way ahead of it's time, buddy comedy/horror/awesome

Strangers in Paradise - a melodramatic soap opera in comicbook form

Astro City - I'm not sure what to write about this one, it's a more adult take on superhero comics and it works.

Kingdom Come - amazing art and story

Kick-Ass - I think the comic is great and better than the movie, but if you've seen the movie, there isn't a lot to be gained by reading the book whether you liked it or not.