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@dr_nefarious: Here's some ideas for you

Main thing that's wrong with your logo is that it won't work at all in black & white, that is pretty important if you are actually going to use it for business purposes.

It's also hard to read, you should be able to read it just by glancing at it.

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@legion_ said:

I have a degree as a personal trainer

I really hope you don't tell people this, specifically that you have a "degree" in "personal training"

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They've never put a game up twice for PS+ so anything that's been up in the past is unlikely to show up again, everything else seems to be fair game though.

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Games that I'm interested in are still coming out steadily, but there is a lack of excitement about games that seems to be building up in me; there are still good games but nothing groundbreaking in quite awhile.

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I bought the retail version for League of Legends, It came with $15 worth of in game currency and I never even spent that, I don't do micro transactions at all.

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I hated and avoided first person shooters up until a few years ago, Portal made me change my tune, they still aren't my favorite sort of game, but I appreciate them now.

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I wonder how many pax events most developers could justify attending; pax may be great for the fans, but it's expensive as hell for the developers, seems like having too many of them will really dilute the quality of each show.

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Walken has been in more great movies than bad ones, lately it's been mostly bad, but he's still one of the all time greats.