PC exclusives everyone should have

New to PC gaming? Here are the basics.

PC has the largest catalog of any platform ever, this list is your starting point to a greater world of gaming possibilities.

I've tried to include one game from each of the predominantly PC genres: MMO, MOBA, FPS, ARPG, RTS

All of these games have moderate to low system requirements, so more than likely they will work on any computer made within the last few years.

All of these game are easy to get into and have lasting value though either deep mechanics and/or popular multiplayer communities surrounding them.


Edit: because some people seem confused to the purpose of this list, It's only for people new to PC gaming, it's an introduction meant to be easy for people not well versed with my favorite platform and the unique kinds of games that can be found here.

Criteria to be on this list: Bug free, well supported, easily/widely available, low system requirements.

If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

List items

Posted by AhmadMetallic

Without being mean, I think this is a terrible list ;o

Posted by Kidavenger

@AhmadMetallic: It's not meant to be a comprehensive list, it's a list for people new to PC gaming.

If you have any suggestions, I'm open to hear them.

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

Pretty basic/obvious stuff, and Defense Grid seems like a real weird throw away.

Posted by Kidavenger
Posted by believer258

You linked this in a thread somewhat recently and I must say, for a beginner's PC list there is a distinct lack of PC-exclusive single-player shooters. No Crysis or Painkiller? I mean, both of those have console versions but like TF2 it's not quite the same. Parts of them are shaved off.

Otherwise it seems all right. You've got Blizzard games well covered, at least. Still, I think this list could be a good bit more fleshed out.

Posted by Kidavenger

@believer258: I haven't played Crysis, but it does seem like the type of game that should be on this list, I'll play that next. I think Painkiller is a bit beyond beginner stuff (what I made this list for).