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my heart and thoughts go out to all his loved ones, friends and family. i don't know what to say… what a lonely day.

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Excellent sales pitch. Would buy!!

I'm not even beeing ironic! One would wish, Microsoft would have done it this way.

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@lowestformofwit said:

i do however feel a bit sad that the digitial content won't be compatible.

i'm not so much sad, as i'll just be much more careful in spending my money, keeping in mind that in another 5-10 years my content won't be readily available to me on a newer platform. i guess i was a bit naive.

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I don't worry about the webcam in my computer, because i have full control over it. since my mac isn't a totally closed off platform i can install small programs like little snitch which tell me precisely what goes over my internet-connection. so i don't have to worry there.

the problem with the kinect 2 is twofold

1. the government-conspiracy type problem. i don't really think it's very likely that homeland security or the nsa will be able to access all kinect at will and spy on everybody, but i can't be totally sure about that. the more important part ist part number 2.

2. microsoft openly said that they'll use data collected with the kinect 2 to bring it's customers "better offers and serivces" or something to that extend. think about it: tv through the xbox > xbox knows what channel you are watching > xbox knows how many people are watching > microsoft can tell company a with pinpoint accuracy how many people smiled at a precise moment during a commercial, or how many people got up and left the room, or if only daddy was watching etc. this is an analytical precision that even google can only dream of and it is worth millions of targetet advertisement-information. and it is coming!

THAT is why they push TV so hard instead of going with the more modern on demand-services like netflix. not that it won't have netflix, but TV is still the biggest advertising market IN THE WORLD!!

sorry, but i'm out.

ps. they don't want to watch us masturbate, but the DO want to sell us lotion and tissues!! also: everybody has something to hide: their privacy!!

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@alekss said:

I just keep my old consoles. I don't know what's the problem with you people, especially since to my knowleadge only PS2 and Wii U have full backwards compatibility out of the box (with some older systems you needed add-ons).

What do you mean "you people"? ;-)

That is what i usually do. And I'm sure, i can hook up my SNES in 20 years and play Mario, because that thing is built like a brick, the 360 on the other hand… I'm not so sure.

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I have a particular problem with the missing backwards-compatibility this time around. I know the reasons why it exists and being a gamer since the atari 2600 i know it has always been like this.


… iPad.

Yeah, so the ipad (and of course the pc before that) has taught me, that i'm building a library of games that I'll be able to enjoy "forever".

I had the same mindset on the 360. That might completely be my own fault, but good luck Microsoft trying to sell me a pinball game again for me to buy 40+ tables. IF i buy the big brother Xbox one that is.

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Yay, Feb 13 is my birthday and since I'm in Germany, this will be ready just in time for it. Oh silly giantbomb, you shouldn't have.

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Is this it?

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God I hope this comment gets me the damn quest, sorry for the useless post. not useless for me =P

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gangnam style has just reached the german mainstream, that took a while…