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The fact that someone would do this is really terrible, but in your own words this has no connection with GamerGate, they never discuss her because she hasn't actually been linked to any corruption in journalism, why write about it in the article?

They frequently discuss her although she hasn't actually been linked to any corruption in journalism, why does GamerGate keep bringing her up?

Because GamerGate isn't about corruption in journalism.

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Despite what you say about Honeymoon, I really encourage you (and anyone) to watch the trailer for The Guest before seeing the movie. The trailer makes you wonder "what could possibly be good about this movie," and the movie provides a more than satisfactory answer. Totally misleading.

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Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm okay with my ending. Just wanted to be sure.

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Soooo I got all the Goddess Tears and brought them to the Hellzone and it turned the world into Hell World, and now the only interactive thing in the whole game is Goddess Moronia, who says that I "ruined everything" (which is accurate).

Anybody know if that just makes the game unbeatable?

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Wherever Ryan is, I hope it has bumper pool

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All I can think about (other than those undiscovered secrets) is how the puzzles that use vibration will work...a lot of Fez's design seemed pretty 360- or at least console-specific

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The game is supposed to end that way. The devs just released v2 of Act I, which includes, in the patch notes, a screen declaring the end of the Act so that people will know that that's supposed to happen.

I loved all that side stuff, especially the church.

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Yep, that was totally it! Missed that note. Thanks duders!

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yeah, did all that business.

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It says I have 90% map and 81% treasure for Archer's Pass, but all spots on my map are plundered with no open squares to go to.

I suspect there's a door I didn't find, but does anyone know where that may be?