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This is terrific!

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I have both Threes! and 2048 on my phone, but I prefer the latter as it's simpler, which is way more up my alley - so I guess I prefer the clone.

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If comedians are funny then they're successful, if they are not then, well... they bomb, regardless of the material, so let them have at it and see what they come up with. I don't care about PC, if it's funny, it's funny (revolutionary, I know).

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@jennibelle: Oh yeah, you're right. I think it's he somehow feels like a way better target for that as he doesn't have good comebacks as far as I can tell.

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Brad seems to be the one everyone bullies though. Why do people not like Brad? What are some more things that make Brad so cool. Let's discuss some hot Brad on Brad action tonight!

That would be Patrick, especially recently with the whole justice warrior or whatever.

I like Brad, but way less than other dudes - he's simply too... mellow/well thought out for my taste and very rarely funny (to be fair almost anyone is next to Vinny and Jeff). I'm not a huge fan of his playing style when it comes to more action'y games. I do appreciate his expertise on DOTA or Starcraft even though I have not played a single games in either. He's alright.

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@cale said:

Because after I have paid for the game and finished it I usually don't care about ever playing it again. I don't feel attached to any games I own, regardless of whether it's physical or digital. I view games as temporary experiences rather than personal property.

This. There're a couple of games that I care about strongly, but those are older titles available only in physical form.

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This is great.

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That is grrreat! I'd really love to get that white Saturn.. damn. Congrats duder, money well spent!

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I'd move from Poland to USA (California, or something else warm) or Australia is USA was completely out of the question. I'm sick of winters (even though I like skiing) and I like American culture (let's call it that).

@cid798 Why Romania? I've been there and it's not pretty.

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Hi there!