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I don't have either of the consoles nor do I own a PC that could handle that game, but people getting so pissed off is simply hilarious. All that crying on how PS crowed supported Tomb Raider throughout the years.. who cares? Nice get for Microsoft.

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@mx said:

I've always liked Phill Fish because he spoke his mind. Because he is arrogant and rude. Because of his confidence to say whatever he wanted to say. And while I didn't always agreed with what he said and he could've used better words for some of his statements. I still think he's pretty cool


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Patrick Klepek would be proud!

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@camelizer most people don't care about it (at least here, in Poland), but it's perfect to make fun of it so it's all good

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@diz for the record, scrubbing was supposed to be doing the laundry and they were 'making' butter. Some people might think that was sleazy but.. eff that.

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As a polish duder I hate to admit our song isn't that bad..

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This is terrific!

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I have both Threes! and 2048 on my phone, but I prefer the latter as it's simpler, which is way more up my alley - so I guess I prefer the clone.

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If comedians are funny then they're successful, if they are not then, well... they bomb, regardless of the material, so let them have at it and see what they come up with. I don't care about PC, if it's funny, it's funny (revolutionary, I know).

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@jennibelle: Oh yeah, you're right. I think it's he somehow feels like a way better target for that as he doesn't have good comebacks as far as I can tell.