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Nice! Sent my request. PS3, kidman364

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I'm surprised that there is no thread about this already (or I have not found it). Basically Dave Lang and his friend from Iron Galaxy (and Midway) is doing a podcast.

Join Dave Lang and Darryl Wisner as they share tales from the front lines of game development. They have worked on all sorts of games, and they talk about them all. The guys also talk about current events in the industry, and try to offer a unique perspective on the state of games today. Also, travel stories. Lots of travel stories.

It's great, lots of dev stories and weird stories you have come to expect from the History's Greatest Monster himself.

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Thanks a lot @gerrid, much appreciated!

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Hello there Duders! I'll be in London for like 4 days and I was wondering if there are any arcades or other video game (but not necessarily, other places that aren't mentioned in all guides are also welcomed) related places I should visit.

I'd very much appreciate any help with that!

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People still being angry about websites talking about Apple, hilarious.

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I don't have either of the consoles nor do I own a PC that could handle that game, but people getting so pissed off is simply hilarious. All that crying on how PS crowed supported Tomb Raider throughout the years.. who cares? Nice get for Microsoft.

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@mx said:

I've always liked Phill Fish because he spoke his mind. Because he is arrogant and rude. Because of his confidence to say whatever he wanted to say. And while I didn't always agreed with what he said and he could've used better words for some of his statements. I still think he's pretty cool


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Patrick Klepek would be proud!

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@camelizer most people don't care about it (at least here, in Poland), but it's perfect to make fun of it so it's all good

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@diz for the record, scrubbing was supposed to be doing the laundry and they were 'making' butter. Some people might think that was sleazy but.. eff that.