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Hey, here is a blog. Yep.

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Ugh, I was hoping there would be a simpler solution. Thanks for the heads up!

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Dr. Ernald P. Whimple is a character not a concept. Does anyone know how to change this?

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atejas said:

not true. ragnarok has jobs as well. But i think that jobs are more interchangeable, whereas classes are fixed/overlapping.

That is a good point, I feel a job implies interchangeability, whereas a class is something that is more static. I should say that it is not a concept solely included in Square/Square Enix games, rather typified by them.
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It seems that several games with classes are listed under the job system. I would argue that a job is a specific concept related to Square/Square Enix games in how they handle classes and the sharing of abilities specific to that class.

Therefore, I propose that a class is not a job even while a job may be considered a class.