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I'd have voted Christen Press but that's just me.

You and me both.

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I'm just waiting for Asuka 120% Special Burning Fest.

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FF8 is my personal favorite FF game, so it's cool to see someone who's never even played one jump into it with this game. Keep going!

I'm also curious if my memories hold up to the reality of the game.

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I personally put Lebron at #10 all-time. Between his stats, the level he's play at for so long, plus dragging teams into the Finals (as much as I enjoyed Lebron's run with the Heat, those teams looked like they got old in those last two years), it's hard for me not to place him at 10. He's also got time to rise.

Now I'm sitting here adjusting where Duncan ranks for myself.

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I've actually been thinking about starting a vinyl collection myself. My idea was to not only get my favorite hip-hop albums on vinyl, but get the records they sampled on those albums. It's probably gonna run me a fortune, considering I don't even have a turntable myself. What do you recommend?

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I see where you're coming from. A healthy Kyrie can make Steph work on defense, especially since Steph isn't that good on D. If Thompson plays well this Finals, he's gonna get paid. But more importantly, you said something we must discuss.

As a fan of the Seattle Sonics their mid-2000's teams were built alot like the Warriors. Build around 2 shooters (Rashard Lewis / Ray Allen) and a whole bunch of upper talented role players. When either Rashard or Ray weren't clicking on the outside the Sonics unfortunately didn't have the low post talent to win the close games.

You're also a Sonics fan? Kindred spirits we are.

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It looks like the Warriors are gonna make it out of the West, and if they do, Lebron is gonna run similar problems when he faced the Spurs last year. It's awesome to see Lebron make 5 straight Finals, but it's hard to see the Cavs stopping that offense. Plus, I think GS is too smart to get beat by the Cavs' ISO's and pick & rolls.

But if the Rockets somehow come back from 3-1 again, it's a different conversation.

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I'm going. I also wanna be friends.

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Yeah it happened with the last patch. Has to be something with AMD cards since I'm running a 270 as well.

I'm also running a AMD card. Glad that I wasn't the only one seeing this.