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Mr. @fredchuckdave killed me twice in a row with his Warrior deck. I had fun in the tournament. Good luck to everyone remaining!

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Just had my match against @busted1der and it went all three games, and I came out victorious. His priest dusted up my hunter, but I was able to come back with my rogue deck. Good match, sir!

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@busted1der: We should post in the thread for public record. I'm still down any day between 6-9pm PST.

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Aw man I feel bad for being the 33rd entrant and ruining the symmetry of the tournament. Come on 34th entrant, relieve me of my guilt!

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I'll throw my hat into the ring.

Battletag: TOZ#1726

Decks: Rogue, Warrior, Hunter

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ive got the reverse of it says i have 4 messages open them there mentions from months ago empty my inbox still says i have 4

I got the same issue. Was thinking it was going to fix itself, but I figured to post about it, and I come across others who have a similar issue. Good to know it wasn't just me.